Natalie Portman's family ''do not want to leave'' Australia.

The 37-year-old actress spent several months living in Sydney in 2000 while filming 'Star Wars: Episode II' and 'Star Wars: Episode III' and returned last year for a holiday with her husband Benjamin Millepied and their two children Aleph, seven, and two-year-old Amalia, travelling Byron Bay along the North Coast.

The 'Black Swan' star has now admitted that her husband and kids ''love'' the country while she thinks Australia is a ''dream'' and is ''very admiring'' of the nation's food, culture and people - hinting she could perhaps make a permanent move to the continent.

In an interview with Australia's Vogue magazine, she said: ''My family does not want to leave: they just love it here, this country is a dream.

''The people are so warm, so friendly, the food is unbelievable, the nature is astonishing. The culture's incredible... I'm very admiring of this nation.''

The 'Garden State' actress went on to explain that Aleph has become obsessed with platypus after seeing one at the zoo and she Benjamin are now big fans of Australian Rules Football after a friend who lives in Melbourne introduced them to the sport.

She said: ''[My friend] organised for us to go to a practice, which was so amazing. They were super-lovely and incredible athletes, and it's so cool that there are women's teams. So cool.

''They were saying that it's made the men's and the women's leagues more popular. They've gotten more female fans and more male fans, which is so great. I wish we had that [in the U.S.].''