Natasha Hamilton thinks ''people need to be kinder to women''.

The 34-year-old pop star - who has previously been verbally abused for having four children by four different men - thinks that women, unlike their male counterparts, are often subjected to unfair criticism.

The Atomic Kitten singer said: ''Men don't get the comments. People need to be kinder to women.

''I've been a good, honest mum and it's sad people can't see past a salacious tagline.

''I'm proud of what I've achieved. My children are exceptional. They are polite, courteous, fun - and I've been a big part of that.''

Natasha's children have faced bullying over their family dynamic - but they have learned to cope with the negativity.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''They're like, 'We love you, we don't care.' They just have to have a thicker skin than most teenagers.''

Natasha got engaged to businessman Charles Gay just nine months after she split from 5ive singer Ritchie Neville - the father of her youngest child Ella, two - but the flame-haired star has rubbished they idea that they have jumped into things too quickly.

She said: ''We're not actually getting married until the end of next year.

''Who's to say what is acceptable? He asked me and I said yes. It felt perfect and I'm just pleased we found each other.''

Meanwhile, Natasha previously admitted to facing abuse because she's had children by four different men.

The pop singer said: ''I do get people saying nasty things because my children have different dads.

''But I feel I would have been a worse mum staying in relationships that were detrimental to me and my children's happiness.''