Actor Nathan Lane poked fun at his Broadway co-star and pal Matthew Broderick's shoe-loving wife Sarah Jessica Parker during an appearance on America's The Tonight Show on Friday (26Sep14).

The Producers stars were promoting new show It's Only a Play on the programme when host Jimmy Fallon suggested they all switched seats and pretended to be each other.

Broderick took over Fallon's chair, Fallon sang his response to a question as Lane and Lane pretended 'his wife' Parker was calling on his cellphone.

He said, "I'm getting a call. Oh, hi Sarah, how are you...? Ok, a quart of milk, gluten free bread and 400 pairs of shoes...'"

Broderick sat awkwardly as he pal joked, perhaps fearing that he'd give away a private secret, and then he felt even worse seconds later when he became Lane and Lane, as Fallon, asked him, "Nathan, when did you first realise you were a homosexual?"

The Inspector Gadget star replied, "Wow..." before adding, "I forgot who I was".