Well, we knew the Tonys were going to be big, but Neil Patrick Harris went and made it even bigger. His opening number for last night’s ceremony had it all – Matilda, Spider-Man, Kinky Boots, a couple of playful jabs at Shia LaBeouf and Les Mis – the movie, not the Broadway show, of course. There was even a nod to Tom Hanks. No, wait, there was even… wait for it… Mike Tyson. Yes, the former boxing champ actually came out on stage at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and sang an entire verse, before handing it over to NPH (Go, Neil, go!) for the rest of the complicated, multi-stage number (which Harris apparently learned in half an hour.) You can check out the video of the stunning performance below.


To be fair, the choreography looked so effortless, that we’re inclined to believe him on that one. It’s entirely possible that Harris and co. were just born dancing and singing and that level of entertainment is simply unreachable for us regular folk. But that wasn’t all, by far. As usual, the Tonys took it back to the fans - in a quiet little verse about “the kid in the middle of nowhere, who’s sitting there, living for Tony performances.” And yes, during that extreme Les Mis style close-up, we believed that.

And then they made it bigger and dancers started flying everywhere until the entire number exploded in one big mass of color and music, also known as the finale. For any past, present, or potential theatre kids out there, this is one unmissable performance.

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Tony Awards
Harris attended the show along with his fiance David Burtka.

Neil Patrick Harris, Ed Sullivan Theatre
Harris did a fantastic job.