Neil Patrick Harris wants to help his his children to ''expand'' their minds.

The 44-year-old actor has seven-year-old twins Harper and Gideon with his husband David Burtka, and has admitted he enjoys taking the two tots on trips around their hometown of New York so they are able to witness ''different types of people'' from different walks of life.

He said: ''We live up in Harlem, New York so we intentionally want our kids to bear witness and see all different types of people existing in all different types of ways. We love to go to fancy restaurants, we love to take the subway ... If you can go and meet and experience all kinds of other people doing all kinds of different things.. your mind will expand in ways you can't even imagine. Travel and meet and explore and never think you're too old to learn.''

The 'How I Met Your Mother' actor recently released his new children's book 'The Magic Misfits', which he says he wrote because he loves reading to his brood, and wanted to create a book which shared an important message about ''embracing your differences''.

Speaking about his book - which is the first in a planned series of four - he told PeopleTV: ''My kids didn't have any input in the books [because] right now they're just learning to read.

''[This] book teaches about magic tricks, about the ideas behind magic, but also about inclusion, about being powerful within yourself, embracing your differences. I think everyone feels, especially at that age, like they're a misfit so I wanted to really be able to honour the differences that people have.

''I really deeply [believe] that what makes us powerful is what is unique about us.''

Meanwhile, Neil previously revealed he feels like a ''bad cop'' dad to his twins, as he's more strict on them than his 42-year-old husband.

The former 'Big Bang Theory' star said he's the ''bad cop when it comes to disciplining the kids'' and believes his parenting style is similar to a ''camp counsellor'' rather than a ''maternal nurturer.''