Neil Patrick Harris will host this year's Emmy's Awards on Sunday, and wants to show us that he can handle it alone, after co-hosting the awards show four years ago. The How I Met Your Mother star won't be taking to the stage until Sunday, 22 September, but on Wednesday (18 Sept.) he was at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles to roll out the red carpet ahead of the showcase.

Neil Patrick Harris
NPH is back for a second time hosting the Emmy's

As he spoke to press (Associated Press) at the red carpet unravelling, Harris warned viewers that he'll be on his A-game come Sunday and won't be leaving the stage for the entirety of the show. Well, that's unless he has to go that is.

"I'll be staying on stage the whole show — with a few exceptions," the second-time Emmy host teased after ceremoniously unraveling the red carpet Wednesday morning. He told the gathered crowd of journos, "I'll be staying on stage the whole show — with a few exceptions... I thought about having a colostomy bag, but I thought that would not be good for the first few rows. It would be like a Gallagher show if things go wrong, so I may have to excuse myself for a minute or three a couple of times during the show."

Neil Patrick Harris Smurfs 2
The hit show he stars in, How I Met Your Mother, ends after it's current season

His second time hosting the awards, Harris went on to say that he feels as though he is under no pressure ahead of his duties for Sunday. Harris fancies himself as something of a natural when it comes to handing out awards, having received wide praise for the job he did at the Emmy's with Don Mischer in 2009 and for each of his hosting duties at the Tony's, in 2009 and then consecutively from 2011 - 2013.

"There's a lot of awards, so I thankfully don't have to do a lot of work," he said. "I get to come up with some funny one-liners. If someone vomits, I get to joke about it, but there's not a lot of vomit. Charlie Sheen hasn't been on Two and a Half Men for years."

NPH will be in action hosting the 65th Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday, 22 September at at 5et/8pt on CBS.

Will he carry on his good form? Most likely