The Blue Monday stars performed in the French capital just nine days (04Nov15) before 89 people were killed in a bloody attack on a concert at the city's Bataclan theatre, and a woman who worked as a caterer at their show was present when the terrorist atrocity took place.

According to the group's bass guitarist, Tom Chapman, he and his bandmates were deeply affected when they heard the gig worker's story of survival after she was wounded in the leg.

"I'm half French so I felt really close to the events in Paris," Tom tells British magazine Uncut. "We also found out later on that one of the girls who was doing catering for us at the Casino de Paris was shot at the Bataclan.

"She survived, but got shot in the leg. So we felt very affected by the events. Basically I just felt it was an attack on freedom, on people going out and enjoying the normal things we like doing."

When the group performed in London three days after the atrocities, they dedicated a song to the 130 victims of the shootings and suicide bombings carried out at sites across Paris.

"It was a mark of our respect to the people of France and to honour everyone affected by the shocking events in Paris," frontman Bernard Sumner tells the publication, "Hopefully it was a fitting tribute and in our own way sent a message that we are all thinking of them."