4th December 2006

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Cars And Flushed Away Lead Annie Nominations

FLUSHED AWAY and CARS look set to dominate this year's (06) Annie Awards for film and television animation, landing nine nominations each. Animation...

4th December 2006 0:00

Frears: 'Stag Scene Is Packed With Deep Meaning'

Filmmaker STEPHEN FREARS included a touching stag scene in new movie THE QUEEN because the beast should have been "put down" - just like the English...

4th December 2006 0:00

Lindsay Lohan's Bobby Character Only Met Her Husband Twice

The hotelier who LINDSAY LOHAN portrays in new movie BOBBY only met her soldier husband twice - the day they were married and the day they divorced. ...

4th December 2006 0:00

Diana Crash Limo Wanted To Sell For Millions

The owner of the car in which DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, died is launching legal proceedings to get the wreckage back - so he can sell it for...

4th December 2006 0:00

Brand To Host Next Year's Brit Awards

Comedian RUSSELL BRAND is to host next year's Brit Awards (14FEB07) - and has vowed to return the music show to its controversial roots. The British...

4th December 2006 0:00

Lohan's Mother Pleased About Aa Visits

LATEST: LINDSAY LOHAN's mother DINA is delighted her daughter has started visiting Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, hailing the singer/actress as...

4th December 2006 0:00

Gest Looking For British Wife

Music mogul DAVID GEST is desperately looking for love with a British woman, and would gladly trade his extravagant lifestyle for a humble family...

4th December 2006 0:00

Miller Turns To Designing

British actress SIENNA MILLER has launched a new clothing line with her fashion designer sister SAVANNAH. The ALFIE star, who recently split from...

4th December 2006 0:00

Jackson: 'Britney Was Cruel To Dump Kevin By Text'

KEVIN FEDERLINE's ex-partner SHAR JACKSON has blasted BRITNEY SPEARS for dumping the aspiring rapper via text message. Federline was filmed visibly...

4th December 2006 0:00

Beyonce Coos About Her Uncle In First Gay Interview

BEYONCE KNOWLES is set to shock fans after landing on the cover of leading US gay magazine Instinct. The sexy singer/actress agreed to give her...

4th December 2006 0:00

Newton Scared By Film Role

Actress THANDIE NEWTON fought an emotional battle in new movie THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, because she thought portraying a wayward mother could...

4th December 2006 0:00

Soap Star 'Facing Axe' After Racist Rant

British actor BRUCE JONES could lose his job on UK soap CORONATION STREET after launching a racist tirade at a charity auction last month (23NOV06). ...

4th December 2006 0:00

Bunton Slams Spears' Bottom Flashes

Former SPICE GIRL EMMA BUNTON has slammed BRITNEY SPEARS for her recent underwear-free partying - and is proud she's "not one of those ladies". ...

4th December 2006 0:00

Stefani Embarrassed By Second Album

Former NO DOUBT rocker GWEN STEFANI is embarrassed by new album THE SWEET ESCAPE - as it's made up from her debut's "leftovers". The HOLLABACK GIRL...

4th December 2006 0:00

Rossi And Estranged Daughter Bonded Over Love Of Music

The estranged daughter of STATUS QUO rocker FRANCIS ROSSI revived her relationship with her dad after jamming with him. The British guitarist left...

4th December 2006 0:00

Hicks' Idol Words 'Taken Out Of Context'

AMERICAN IDOL winner TAYLOR HICKS has defended negative comments he made about the TV show that gave him his big break. Hicks insists the derogatory...

4th December 2006 0:00

U2 Make Girls Scream With Bay City Rollers Tribute

Rocker BONO's decision to cover a BAY CITY ROLLERS hit during the group's first ever show gave the Irish foursome a first taste of the adulation that...

4th December 2006 0:00

Doherty Fined

Troubled British rocker PETE DOHERTY has been fined GBP770 ($427) and disqualified from driving for four months after being convicted of possessing...

4th December 2006 0:00

Jazz Great Burrell's Birthday Tribute

Jazz guitar great KENNY BURRELL was honoured with a four-hour birthday tribute concert in Los Angeles last week (02DEC06). Burrell, who fielded...

4th December 2006 0:00

Mccartney Britain's Greatest Living Icon?

Former BEATLE SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY is down to the final three in a search for Britain's greatest living icon. MCCartney is up against ex-SMITHS...

4th December 2006 0:00

Winslet To Team Up With Mendes

Actress KATE WINSLET wants to team up with her Oscar-winning director husband SAM MENDES to work on a movie, so she can experience the "real him". ...

4th December 2006 0:00

Childish Planned To Kill Father

Cult British rocker BILLY CHILDISH hated his father so much as a young man he made plans to kill him. The singer/poet/writer was so scared his...

4th December 2006 0:00

Paltrow's Anti American Comments Spark Fury

Hollywood actress GWYNETH PALTROW's recent comments branding Americans as not as civilised or intelligent as their English counterparts has sparked...

4th December 2006 0:00

Bush Satire To Hit Us Tv Screens

A cartoon poking fun at US President GEORGE W BUSH is to appear on American TV in the new year (07). The six-episode series, which will be screened...

4th December 2006 0:00

Ex Blasts Unfaithful Federline

KEVIN FEDERLINE's first fiancee KERRI WHITTINGTON insists she wouldn't be surprised if the troubled rapper strayed during his marriage with BRITNEY...

4th December 2006 0:00

Clooney Mourns His Dead Pig

Hollywood superstar GEORGE CLOONEY is in mourning after his pet pig died at the age of 18. The SYRIANA actor lived with his beloved MAX in his...

4th December 2006 0:00

Dreyfuss In Us Civic Drive

Veteran actor RICHARD DREYFUSS has slammed the "dismal" lack of knowledge about the way America is run - and is planning his own civic turnaround. ...

4th December 2006 0:00

Aniston Amused By Dancing Show Reports

Former FRIENDS star JENNIFER ANISTON has laughed off reports she is planning to becoming a contestant on US TV talent show DANCING WITH THE STARS. ...

4th December 2006 0:00

Cruise's Best Pal Laughs Off Honeymoon Reports

TOM CRUISE's best friend DAVID MISCAVIGE has laughed off reports he joined at actor and his new wife KATIE HOLMES on honeymoon. Miscavige is...

4th December 2006 0:00

Gallagher Gigs In Fan's Living Room

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER delighted a fan last week (01DEC06) when he played an intimate gig in his living room. The WONDERWALL rocker treated BEN...

4th December 2006 0:00

Garner Refuses To Speak Ill Of The Other Jennifer

Actress JENNIFER GARNER refuses to speak about husband BEN AFFLECK's ex-fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ - because she feels she should stand by her man. When...

4th December 2006 0:00

Spears Covers Up For Birthday Bash

BRITNEY SPEARS poked fun at her recent underwear controversy when she flashed paparazzi her covered bottom during her 25th birthday party at the...

4th December 2006 0:00

Ivanka: 'I'm Not Like Paris Hilton'

DONALD TRUMP's daughter IVANKA has hit out at comparisons between her and socialite PARIS HILTON, insisting "I work my a** off". The 25-year-old...

4th December 2006 0:00

Minogue Likes Mia Farrow Look

KYLIE MINOGUE is considering keeping her hair short permanently, because it makes her look like MIA FARROW. The Australian singer is growing her...

4th December 2006 0:00

Robbie's Spelling Issues

British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS tried and failed to download his former band TAKE THAT's comeback single on the internet - because he couldn't spell...

4th December 2006 0:00

Collette: 'Hollywood Is Full Of Clones'

Oscar-nominated actress TONI COLLETTE blames an identity crisis in Hollywood for the current crop of identikit stars. Australian Collette believes...

4th December 2006 0:00

Snoop Meets Youngest Fan

Rapper SNOOP DOGG was astounded when he came face-to-face with his youngest fan - a nine-month-old baby. The DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT star couldn't...

4th December 2006 0:00

Owen To Tie The Knot

TAKE THAT singer MARK OWEN is set to marry long-term girlfriend EMMA FERGUSON next year (07). Owen, who has been dating the British television...

4th December 2006 0:00

Crowe Dropped By Publicist

Hollywood star RUSSELL CROWE has split with ROBIN BAUM, his PR guru, following reports of a rift. Baum is credited with helping Crowe control the...

4th December 2006 0:00

Stefani Loves Wildlife Down Under

Singing star GWEN STEFANI has outed herself as an animal lover - and is a big fan of Australia's indigenous wildlife. The WHAT YOU WAITING FOR star...

4th December 2006 0:00

Prison Break Star In Car Tragedy

PRISON BREAK actor LANE GARRISON was involved in a car accident late Saturday night (02DEC06), which killed a 17 year old boy and injured two other...

4th December 2006 0:00

Freeman Offers Fans New Film On The Internet

MORGAN FREEMAN's new film 10 ITEMS OR LESS will be the first film released via the actor's new internet project Quickstart - two weeks after its...

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3505

"My brother's decorum and restraint... I only hope that I could be the kind of man that he is." ROB LOWE is proud of the way his brother CHAD is...

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3508

"I made them go on a diet; a lot of them had been eating too many tortillas." MEL GIBSON got strict with his huge APOCALYPTO cast to make sure they...

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3502

"I love every pleasure women have to offer a red-blooded male. I love making love to women. I've always had girlfriends. I have always loved to sleep...

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3504

"I'm tired. I sleep like a dead person." DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star MARCIA CROSS admits pregnancy is leaving her with little energy.

4th December 2006 0:00

Fascinating Fact 2550

Movie maverick JOHN WATERS will play a funeral director in an upcoming episode of hit TV comedy MY NAME IS EARL.

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3503

"Everybody in showbusiness is Jewish when it comes to Jewish holidays - they're all gone." MORGAN FREEMAN.

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3507

"I've had more beefs than a f**kin' cattle farm." Rapper THE GAME admits he's always exchanging words with his rivals.

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3506

"I get a lot of letters from jail. They'll be like, `You're the woman of my dreams.' A couple have mentioned marriage, some have life sentences." R+B...

4th December 2006 0:00

Hoffman Tops Arthouse List

CAPOTE star PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN has been crowned the king of all things arthouse in a new US magazine poll. The celebrated actor beat Mexican...

4th December 2006 0:00

Penguins, 007 + Denzel Keep Jesus Off The Top

The penguins, JAMES BOND and DENZEL WASHINGTON have kept JESUS from the top of the US box office after newly-released religious epic THE NATIVITY...

4th December 2006 0:00

Britney, Paris + Justin All Win Big At Vh1 2006 Honours

BRITNEY SPEARS, her new best pal PARIS HILTON and ex-boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE all took home big prizes at last night's (03DEC06) VH1 Big In '06...

4th December 2006 0:00

Frears Considered Nighy As Prince Philip

Director STEPHEN FREARS considered casting LOVE ACTUALLY funnyman BILL NIGHY as British royal PRINCE PHILIP in new movie THE QUEEN, but feared the...

4th December 2006 0:00

Hurley Plans Two More Children

Model/actress ELIZABETH HURLEY plans to start a family immediately after her wedding to Indian millionaire ARUN NAYAR, and has already promised her...

4th December 2006 0:00

Clooney Risked Re-injuring Back In Fight Scene

GEORGE CLOONEY risked re-injuring his life-threatening back injury on the set of new movie THE GOOD GERMAN when his pal and director STEVEN...

4th December 2006 0:00

Cole Launched Fashion Empire With Movie Hoax

Top US fashion designer KENNETH COLE started his empire in 1982 by making a hoax movie that has never been seen. The footwear and fine clothing...

4th December 2006 0:00

Dixon Bounces Back

Former MIS-TEEQ singer ALESHA DIXON has blasted her one time close pal JAVINE HYLTON for having an affair with her husband MICHAEL JUNIOR HARVEY -...

4th December 2006 0:00

Willis' Sister Delight At Food Revenge

Former BUSTED rocker MATT WILLIS delighted his sister when he was forced a eat a crocodile's penis on British reality TV show I'M A CELEBRITY... GET...

4th December 2006 0:00

Lucy Liu Bonded With Mum On The Set Of New Thai Film

CHARLIE'S ANGELS star LUCY LIU bonded with her Chinese mother on the set of her new film 3 NEEDLES after jetting her off to Thailand for the...

4th December 2006 0:00

Native American Leaders Give Gibson A Pre-release Boost

MEL GIBSON has been given a huge boost as he prepares to release his latest movie epic APOCALYPTO later this month (DEC06) - Native American Indians...

4th December 2006 0:00

Weisz Defends Fiance From Brooding Reputation

British actress RACHEL WEISZ insists fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY is nothing like the dark, brooding character many people think he is - he's actually a...

4th December 2006 0:00

Bullock's Man Helps Homeless Out In Long Beach

SANDRA BULLOCK's kind-hearted husband JESSE JAMES is helping get homeless people off the streets in his native Long Beach, California - by giving...

4th December 2006 0:00

`King' Diddy Guest Edits King Magazine

Rap mogul DIDDY has added magazine editor to his impressive resume after agreeing to take charge of the fifth anniversary issue of US urban...

4th December 2006 0:00

Black's Lust For Oldman

JACK BLACK had no problem resisting Hollywood starlets - as he only has eyes for quirky actor GARY OLDMAN. The heavyweight comedian, currently...

4th December 2006 0:00

Gerard Way Reveals Brother Was A Teenage Video Pirate

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE star GERARD WAY has outed his brother and bandmate MIKEY as a teenage video pirate. The singer reveals his sibling made a...

4th December 2006 0:00

Gest: 'Aunt's Comments Prompted Nose Job'

LIZA MINNELLI's estranged husband DAVID GEST insists he only had plastic surgery once - after a relative's harsh comments about the size of his nose...

4th December 2006 0:00

Rare Mccartney Song Up For Grabs

Rare handwritten letters by former BEATLE SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY and a guitar owned by JIMI HENDRIX will go under the hammer at a New York auction site...

4th December 2006 0:00

Townshend Has Mixed Emotions About Touring With Daltrey

PETE TOWNSHEND enjoys life on the road with THE WHO bandmate ROGER DALTREY - until the singer starts worrying about his voice. The guitarist, who...

4th December 2006 0:00

Jean's New Haiti Vow

WYCLEF JEAN called on his Haitian countrymen to stop the violence that is plaguing the Caribbean country during a free concert on Friday (01DEC06). ...

4th December 2006 0:00

Snoop Quit Pot To Earn Respect Of Footballing Dads

Rapper SNOOP DOGG briefly quit smoking marijuana when he realised dads on the sidelines at his Orange County, California youth American football...

4th December 2006 0:00

Gallagher Hands Over Clothes To Oxfam In Secret

Bargain hunters in England are walking around in NOEL GALLAGHER's cast-off clothes - without knowing it. The OASIS rocker secretly bags up his...

4th December 2006 0:00

Stevens And Dorff To Get Back Together?

Pop star RACHEL STEVENS' romantic relationship with Hollywood hunk STEPHEN DORFF could be back on- if the SWEET DREAMS MY LA EX beauty has her way. ...

4th December 2006 0:00

Pink And Arctic Monkeys To Team Up?

Pop star PINK is such a big fan of British rockers ARCTIC MONKEYS, she has vowed to team up with the guitar band. The NOBODY KNOWS singer was...

4th December 2006 0:00

Beckham: 'I Want To Be A Painter'

English soccer star DAVID BECKHAM plans to be a painter when he retires from the sporting industry, because he regrets giving up the hobby to become...

4th December 2006 0:00

Project Runway Star Bennett Gives Birth

Designer LAURA BENNETT, a finalist on the third season of HEIDI KLUM's PROJECT RUNWAY reality TV series, has become a mum for the sixth time. The...

4th December 2006 0:00

Fascinating Fact 2547

STEVIE WONDER has stepped in to present TONY BENNETT with the Century Award at tonight's (04DEC06) Billboard Awards in Las Vegas after ailing CELINE...

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3501

"He asked me, 'Is it true you are getting divorced, and, if it's true, what are you doing later.'" PAMELA ANDERSON on her ex-husband TOMMY LEE's...

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3500

"It's hard to carry around all that weight. I wake up feeling like me and then I step on the ground and I'm like, 'Whose body is that walking to the...

4th December 2006 0:00

Fascinating Fact 2549

Troubled country music star SARA EVANS put her divorce problems on hold to perform before yesterday's (03DEC06) Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee...

4th December 2006 0:00

Fascinating Fact 2548

Supermodel ELLE MACPHERSON puts her stunning, ageless good looks down to a vegetarian diet, daily meditations session and Bikram yoga.

4th December 2006 0:00

The Things They Say 3499

"That's not really a part of my life. That's an oddity." Funnyman CHRIS GUEST on his hereditary LORD HADEN-GUEST title in England's House of Commons.

4th December 2006 0:00

Brits 'More Intelligent' Than Americans, Says Gwyneth

Hollywood royalty Gwyneth Paltrow may not be too popular at the Oscars this year after snubbing the US in favour for life across the pond.The star of...

4th December 2006 7:55

Diaz Insists Nose Job Is 'For Medical Reasons'

Cameron Diaz has insisted that her upcoming nose job is not for vanity but medical reasons.Star of There's something about Mary and Charlie's Angels,...

4th December 2006 8:16

Osbourne Vows To Bare Breasts On Tv

Rock matriarch SHARON OSBOURNE vowed to bare her breasts on national TV if the audience kept one of her acts on the British talent show THE X...

4th December 2006 8:27

Us Legends Honoured For Cultural Contributions

Producer STEVEN SPIELBERG was among a group of American showbiz legends who were honoured for their contribution to the arts last night.The Kennedy...

4th December 2006 11:17

Justin Timberlake 'Big Music Artist' Of 2006

Justin Timberlake was named as this year's biggest music artist at last night's VH1 Big in 06 awards.Since leaving N*Sync, the 25-year-old singer's...

4th December 2006 11:49

Willis Crowned King Of Celebrity Jungle

The newly crowned king of the celebrity jungle, MATT WILLIS, arrived back in the UK this morning after spending three weeks in the Australian...

4th December 2006 12:00

Brand To Host Brit Awards

Russell Brand is to host next year's Brit Awards, which will be broadcast live on TV for the first time in 18 years.Ceremonies have been recorded and...

4th December 2006 13:58

Lloyd Webber Honoured For Arts Contribution

British theatre composer and producer Andrew Lloyd Webber was one of five international stars honoured last night for his contribution to the...

4th December 2006 16:26

Cars And Flushed Away Get Top Awards Billing

The nominations list for the annual Annie Awards, Hollywood's celebration of animated movies and television programmes, has been announced.Dreamworks...

4th December 2006 17:08

Mark Owen 'To Marry'

Mark Owen is set to marry his long-term girlfriend Emma Ferguson, according to reports.The Sun newspaper claims that the Take That singer recently...

4th December 2006 17:19

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