3rd March 2007

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Washington Acted Like A Gorilla As Ape Attacked

RAY star KERRY WASHINGTON had to use her acting skills to save her life when she came face to face with an angry gorilla in Uganda. The actress went...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Stone Knew About Sexy Basic Instinct Scene

BASIC INSTINCT star SHARON STONE knew she was had to shoot a racy scene in the film without underwear and even gave the director her panties as a...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Lily Likes Metrosexual Men

LOST star EVANGELINE LILLY is attracted to men who are in touch with their feminine side and are able to pick out clothes for her. The 27-year-old...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Redstone Wants To Repair Relationship With Cruise

The movie chairman who blasted TOM CRUISE over his unprofessional behaviour last summer (06) now wants to mend his friendship with the MISSION:...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Radcliffe Signs On For Final Two Potter Films

British actor DANIEL RADCLIFFE's representative has confirmed he has signed on to star in the final two films in the HARRY POTTER series. The...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Smith Finally Buried In The Bahamas

LATEST: ANNA NICOLE SMITH was buried in the Bahamas yesterday (02MAR07), three weeks after she died in a Florida hotel suite (08FEB07) at the age of...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Nemkova: `Blunt Had No Idea He'd Run Over Fan's Foot'

Supermodel PETRA NEMKOVA insists boyfriend JAMES BLUNT had no idea he'd driven over an autograph hunter's foot as he left a Hollywood party last...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Spears Takes Break From Rehab For Shopping Spree

Troubled pop star BRITNEY SPEARS left her rehab facility for the second time this week (ends02MAR07) to pick up clothes she ordered from a posh Los...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Timbaland To Host Fundraiser For Hillary

Hip-hop star TIMBALAND will host a fund-raiser this month for 2008 US presidential candidate HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON. Timbaland, real name TIMOTHY...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Judge Allows Arrested Rapper To Promote New Cd

A Louisiana judge has ruled rapper COREY MILLER can promote his new CD while under house arrest, but cannot discuss the murder charge against him. ...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Simmons And Tweed Get Televised Face Lifts

KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS and longtime girlfriend SHANNON TWEED are kicking off the second season of their reality show by having their face lifts...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Brown Battles Radio Station Over Bail Money

LATEST: BOBBY BROWN hung up on a Washington, D.C. radio station yesterday (02MAR07) that allegedly paid for him to get out of jail in exchange for...

3rd March 2007 1:15

The Things They Say 4214

"If someone would have pitched this idea and said, `Y'know, I've got this great idea - it's a love story with a dead guy,' anybody in their right...

3rd March 2007 1:15

The Things They Say 4213

"I was holding on to the side of that 'copter, because I'm afraid of heights. It was horrible - my nuts were up in my throat." Movie tough guy ROBERT...

3rd March 2007 1:15

Radcliffe Puts Quill To Parchment For Final Harry Potters

Daniel Radcliffe has signed up to star as the eponymous Harry Potter in the final two film versions of the much-loved literary series.The 17-year-old...

3rd March 2007 12:29

Hurley Has Secret Wedding Before Castle Blessing

Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley has surprised everyone by marrying her Indian businessman partner Arun Nayar the day before the celebrations at a...

3rd March 2007 13:35

Shields Reaches Out To Spears

Actress BROOKE SHIELDS has offered help to BRITNEY SPEARS, amid reports the troubled singer is suffering from postpartum depression. Reports last...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Christian Chavez Comes Out

Latin pop star CHRISTIAN CHAVEZ has revealed he is gay, following leaked pictures on the internet showing him 'marrying' another man. Chavez, 23, a...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Brown Widow Mourns With Body

LATEST: JAMES BROWN's widow TOMI RAY HYNIE finally got the chance to mourn over the soul legend's body on Thursday (01MAR07). Back-up singer Hynie...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Fascinating Fact 2949

ARUN NAYAR's younger brother NIKHIL is best man at the businessman's wedding to ELIZABETH HURLEY today (03MAR07). Hurley's son DAMIAN will be...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Mendes Hails Ferrera

EVA MENDES was so thrilled when fellow Latina AMERICA FERRERA received a Golden Globe nomination, she asked for her phone number to personally...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Mcavoy's Whitaker Oscar Premonition

JAMES MCAVOY knew FOREST WHITAKER would scoop the Best Actor Oscar for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND as soon as cameras started rolling on the film. The...

3rd March 2007 13:52

The Things They Say 4215

"I am not a drinker - half a glass of wine and I am already uh-oh!" Movie star PENELOPE CRUZ cannot handle alcohol.

3rd March 2007 13:52

Julie Walters' Coronation Street Dream

British actress JULIE WALTERS wants to follow in the footsteps of fellow Hollywood Brit IAN MCKELLEN and swap Tinseltown for a small screen soap...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Mcavoy's Uganda Scars

Actor JAMES MCAVOY was left permanently scarred after his experiences filming THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND in war-torn and poverty-stricken Uganda. ...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Stolen Rockwell Painting Found At Spielberg's Home

Filmmaker STEVEN SPIELBERG is reeling after an FBI investigation discovered his NORMAN ROCKWELL painting had been stolen from a gallery over three...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Hurley 'Weds Early'

ELIZABETH HURLEY and ARUN NAYAR married in secret yesterday (02MAR07), a day before they were due to wed, according to reports. The couple were...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Hudson And Whitaker Triumph At Image Awards

FOREST WHITAKER and JENNIFER HUDSON picked up acting prizes at the NAACP Image Awards on Friday (02MAR07), just six days after their Oscar wins. ...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Stefani Felt Gross Being Pregnant

Pop singer GWEN STEFANI hated being pregnant - insisting it made her feel "gross". The HOLLABACK girl, who gave birth to her first child KINGSTON in...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Gray Argues With Fans During Gig

English singer/songwriter DAVID GRAY blasted two female fans during a gig in Scotland on Thursday (01MAR07) when their arguing interrupted his...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Mother Tells Of Robbie Williams' 'Living Hell'

Troubled pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS is suffering a "living hell" because of his drug addictions - according to his mother JAN. The British singer is...

3rd March 2007 13:52

Robbie's Mum Sheds Light On Son's Addiction

Robbie Williams' mother has spoken of the pain the whole family has felt over the troubled popstar's run-ins with drink and drugs.Last month, on the...

3rd March 2007 13:53

Kelis Arrested After Sidewalk Scuffle

US R&B singer Kelis has been charged with disorderly conduct after being arrested in Florida during the early hours of Friday morning local time.The...

3rd March 2007 17:35

Stolen Art Found In Spielberg Collection

An oil on canvas picture by American artist Norman Rockwell stolen more than 30 years ago has been found in the personal collection of Hollywood...

3rd March 2007 19:01

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