22nd December 2008

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I Was The First To Faint, Admits Hugh Jackman

Australia star Hugh Jackman has owned up to being the first person to suffer the effects of the heat of the Outback on the set of his new...

22nd December 2008 1:01

Yes Man's Jim Carrey Labels Co-star Darby "Brilliant"

Jim Carrey has described his Yes Man co-star Rhys Darby as an "absolutely brilliant" colleague for the upcoming comedy.The Kiwi comedian stars as...

22nd December 2008 1:01

Littrell's Son Diagnosed With Kawasaki Disease

BACKSTREET BOYS star BRIAN LITTRELL's young son has been diagnosed with a rare form of heart disease. The singer and his wife, Leighanne, rushed...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Hilton 'Devastated' By Robbery

PARIS HILTON is "devastated" after a burglar robbed her California mansion - because the jewellery which was stolen is irreplaceable. The intruder...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Mockingbird Director Mulligan Dies

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD director ROBERT MULLIGAN has died at the age of 83. The moviemaker, who received an Oscar nomination for helming the 1962...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Allen's Dating Woes

British pop star LILY ALLEN is having trouble finding a boyfriend - because she doesn't "fancy" any famous men. The Smile hitmaker is adamant she...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Crawford To Star In Lewis' Video

British singer LEONA LEWIS is set to add a touch of Hollywood to her next music video - GOSSIP GIRL hunk CHACE CRAWFORD will star in the promo. The...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Fish Quits Music After Cancer Scare

Rocker FISH is set to retire from music after doctors found an irregular growth of cells in his throat. The Scottish singer - real name Derek DICk -...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Williams' Vigil For Mother

British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS is reportedly holding a bedside vigil for his mother as she recovers from a major heart operation. The singer is...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Tennant Eyes Dr Who Musical

DOCTOR WHO star DAVID TENNANT is keen for the cult TV show to be turned into a musical - because he loves "a song and a dance." The Scottish actor...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Aniston And Wilson's New Film For The Dogs

JENNIFER ANISTON and OWEN WILSON had to be extra cautious while filming new movie MARLEY + ME - because their canine co-star wreaked havoc on set. ...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Branagh Confirms Thor Rumours

British actor KENNETH BRANAGH has confirmed he is to direct new comic book movie THOR. The star - more famous for his roles onstage - has completed...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Brando Was Refused Tv Job

GODFATHER star MARLON BRANDO reportedly tried to land a job as a daytime TV presenter shortly before his death in a bid to boost his bank balance. ...

22nd December 2008 7:56

Jim Carrey Comedy Yes Man Tops Us Box Office

Yes Man, the new film starring Jim Carrey, has hit the US number one spot after its opening weekend on release.Based on the bestselling memoir by...

22nd December 2008 9:57

Lightbody Talks Leona's Run

SNOW PATRIOL frontman Gary Lightbody has been discussing LEONA LEWIS' cover version of their hit song Run.The X-Factor winner recently released a...

22nd December 2008 11:57

Doherty Scraps London Shows

Rocker PETE DOHERTY has been forced to cancel three shows in London following an arm injury. The Babyshambles rocker was due to play three nights of...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Ferry Posts Bail Request

BRYAN FERRY is making a final attempt to bring his jailed son OTIS home for Christmas - lawyers for the star have filed a third bail request in a bid...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Plant Denies Led Zeppelin Rift

ROBERT PLANT has denied falling out with his former LED ZEPPELIN bandmates - insisting there is no rift over his decision not to join them for a...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Ronson Hospitalised

LINDSAY LOHAN's girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON has been admitted to hospital in California - reportedly suffering from exhaustion and depression. The DJ...

22nd December 2008 12:01

The Things They Say 10588

"Amelle was standing on private parts, touching butts and rubbing abs and saying, 'Oops, sorry I thought that was a leg!' It was hilarious." KEISHA...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Burke Takes U.k. Christmas Top Spot

THE X FACTOR winner ALEXANDRA BURKE has scored the coveted U.K. number one Christmas spot with her debut single HALLELUJAH. Her cover of Leonard...

22nd December 2008 12:01

The Darkness Tempted Out Of Shadows For Tour?

British band THE DARKNESS are on the verge of a reunion after a U.S. entrepreneur reportedly offered the group "a small fortune" to tour. The group...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Milian 'Shocked' By Cannon's Marriage To Carey

Pop singer CHRISTINA MILIAN is "shocked" her ex-boyfriend NICK CANNON moved on to marry MARIAH CAREY - because the newlyweds seemed an unlikely...

22nd December 2008 12:01

The Things They Say 10589

"Clint just absolutely went out of his mind over this thing. He told me, 'I show it to everyone who comes into my house. It really breaks the ice!'...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Franken Takes Lead In U.s. Senate Race

Comedian AL FRANKEN has pulled ahead in the marathon race for the U.S. Senate seat in his home state of Minnesota. The former Saturday Night Live...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Electra Taking 'Baby Steps' With Fiance Patterson

CARMEN ELECTRA is preparing for a long engagement to KORN guitarist ROB PATTERSON - because the actress wants to ensure her third marriage doesn't...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Cruz Urges Fans To Join Cancer Fight

PENELOPE CRUZ wants her fans to register as bone marrow donors, after she met a young cancer sufferer during filming in London. The Vanilla Sky star...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Agent Denies Crowe/scott Rift

A Hollywood agent representing both actor RUSSELL CROWE and director RIDLEY SCOTT has denied the pair has fallen out over their new movie...

22nd December 2008 12:01

Warner Videos Pulled From Youtube After Royalties Row

Music videos for Madonna and Kid Rock are likely to disappear from YouTube after a contract dispute between Warner Music and the video sharing...

22nd December 2008 13:02

Return To Hamlet Is 'Possibility' For Tennant

David Tennant could return to the Royal Shakespeare Company's (RSC) production of Hamlet before the end of its London run, a statement has...

22nd December 2008 14:52

Allen Swears Off Wild Ways

Pop star LILY ALLEN is convinced her partying days are behind her - because she no longer enjoys the company she kept in her club-hopping days. The...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Slurred Lennon Cover Sells For $30,000

A recording of a supposedly drunk JOHN LENNON singing a cover version of a LLOYD PRICE song sold for $30,000 (GBP20,200) at an auction in Los Angeles...

22nd December 2008 16:01

White Compares Live Shows To Church

WHITE STRIPES frontman JACK WHITE loves attending rock concerts - because it is just like going to church. The singer believes experiencing a live...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Record Company Wages War Against Youtube

Artists including MADONNA, LED ZEPPELIN and JAMES BLUNT will all have their music videos pulled from YouTube.com - following a row between their...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Fox, Jackman And Depp Top Sexiest Stars Poll

MEGAN FOX, HUGH JACKMAN and JOHNNY DEPP have topped a new online poll of the world's sexiest screen stars. Transformers star Fox came first in the...

22nd December 2008 16:01

The Things They Say 10590

"We wanted to do something physical that solidified the bond we felt. It's like something that you never think will happen to you, that you see in...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Fascinating Fact 6570

MICHAEL JACKSON is reportedly renting a $38 million (GBP26 million) house in the exclusive Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles for $100,000 (GBP68,000)...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Jamelia Serenaded By Choir Of Killers

R+B star JAMELIA was serenaded by a group of killers when she visited her brother in prison. The British singer was visiting her younger sibling...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Clapton: 'Shooting Helps Social Skills'

Rocker ERIC CLAPTON is a fan of shooting trips in the countryside - because the outings help him bond with like-minded people. The star is the...

22nd December 2008 16:01

The Things They Say 10591

"It's weird because I feel like I have done more than my fair share of time. I did the prison thing in Brokedown Palace and the Philippines prison....

22nd December 2008 16:01

Rosemary's Baby Remake Scrapped

The movie producers behind a planned remake of 1968 horror classic ROSEMARY'S BABY have dropped plans for a new film. Brad Fuller and Andrew Form...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Beckinsale Will Never Lose Temper With Paparazzi

KATE BECKINSALE has the perfect way of dealing with paparazzi - the British actress simply ignores them. The Underworld star lives in Los Angeles...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Judge Dredd Returns

Comic book movie JUDGE DREDD is to return for a sequel - 13 years after the futuristic anti-hero was portrayed by SYLVESTER STALLONE. The rights...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Husband Charged With Ex-bond Girl's Murder

The husband of former Bond actress CELINE CAWLEY has been charged with murder after her body was found at their Irish home last week (15Dec08). The...

22nd December 2008 16:01

Ultimate Christmas Movies...Hits + Misses

What do a speaking snowman, a suicidal father, a Terminating toy-hunter and a Ghostbuster all have in common? They've all played their parts in...

22nd December 2008 18:21

Millions Without Tv On Feb. 17?

An official of Consumers Union, parent of Consumer Reports magazine, has indicated that the current educational campaign to alert the public to the...

22nd December 2008 18:56

Networks Suffer More Saturday-night Fever

The networks' Saturday night ratings erosion continued unabated over the weekend, with Fox holding down the title of most-watched network with an...

22nd December 2008 18:56

"Cut Prices!" Demand Ad Buyers

Network television executives are being asked by ad buyers to roll back prices for TV spots while the current recession continues, according to...

22nd December 2008 18:56

Newlyweds Vs. Goldwebs In Revived Game Show

GSN, formerly known as the Game Show Network, has announced plans to revive The Newlywed Game , which ran in fits and starts from 1966 to 1988 with...

22nd December 2008 18:56

Passage To India Hits Roadblock

The economic downturn has forced ITV, Britain's largest commercial network, to cancel a lavish two-part adaptation of E.M. Forster's A Passage to...

22nd December 2008 19:06

Crowded Marquees; Near-empty Theaters

Studios blamed inclement weather for the box office nosedive over the weekend. Ticket sales were down 44 percent from last weekend, as the top film,...

22nd December 2008 19:06

Movie Reviews The Tale Of Despereaux

The computer-animated feature The Tale of Despereaux , voiced by Dustin Hoffman and Matthew Broderick, came in at the lower end of expectations with...

22nd December 2008 19:06

Weather Doesn't Frighten Off European Moviegoers

It was cold at the European box office over the weekend, too, but Madagascar Escape 2 Africa gave it some global warming as it took in $33.5 million...

22nd December 2008 19:06

Streep Male Movie Execs Don't Understand Female Power

Meryl Streep has accused film executives of overlooking female moviegoers while narrowing their target to young males. In an interview with the...

22nd December 2008 19:17

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