17th July 2010

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The-dream Opens Up About 'Failed' Marriage, Attempted Suicide

Music producer THE-DREAM has opened up about his "failed" marriage to singer CHRISTINA MILIAN, confessing he attempted suicide in the wake of the...

17th July 2010 1:44

Fascinating Fact 9669

One lucky ENRIQUE IGLESIAS fan got the chance to kiss the pop star on live TV on Friday morning (16Jul10) when the Latino hunk invited her to join...

17th July 2010 1:44

Roxy Music To Tour Again

ROXY MUSIC will celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2011 by reuniting for a British tour.It'll mark the band's first trek in a decade. The For Your...

17th July 2010 1:44

Labelle Joining Broadway's Fela!

Grammy Award winner PATTI LABELLE is heading back to Broadway for the first time in over a decade after signing on to join the cast of hit musical...

17th July 2010 1:44

Cannon: 'Carey Not Pregnant'

NICK CANNON has fired off at reports his wife MARIAH CAREY is expecting the couple's first child - he insists she is not pregnant.Speculation has...

17th July 2010 1:44

Stone To Play Bond Girl In Videogame

Soul singer JOSS STONE can add Bond girl to her resume after landing a new role in a 007 videogame.The Tudors star will appear in video form in...

17th July 2010 1:44

Teenager Raped At Latitude Festival

The organisers of Britain's Latitude Festival have been dealt another blow after learning a teenager was raped on-site on Thursday night...

17th July 2010 1:44

Berry To Join Jackson On The Mountaintop

HALLE BERRY will make her Broadway debut opposite her JUNGLE FEVERco-star SAMUEL L. JACKSON in KATORI HALL's acclaimed play THE MOUNTAINTOP.The Oscar...

17th July 2010 1:44

Snipes Loses Battle To Stay Out Of Jail

Actor WESLEY SNIPES' hopes of staying out of jail have been dashed - a federal appeals panel has upheld a three-year prison sentence on federal tax...

17th July 2010 1:44

Perez Goes Public With Neck Scar

Actress ROSIE PEREZ has showed off the horrific neck scar she has as a constant reminder of her guest appearance on U.S. TV drama LAW & ORDER:...

17th July 2010 1:44

Top Lawyer Shapiro Takes Over Lohan's Legal Affairs

O.J. SIMPSON's former lawyer ROBERT SHAPIRO has agreed to take over as LINDSAY LOHAN's attorney and reveals the actress has accepted she has a...

17th July 2010 1:44

Fascinating Fact 9670

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's brother-in-law is a former rodeo bull rider.

17th July 2010 1:44

Sorkin To Turn Aide's Mistress Tale Into Edwards Film

WEST WING creator AARON SORKIN is set to tackle the underbelly of politics again after signing on to turn ANDREW YOUNG's bestseller THE POLITICIAN -...

17th July 2010 1:44

Kardashian & Bush Ready For Wedding Showdown

Exes KIM KARDASHIAN and REGGIE BUSH face an awkward reunion in Los Angeles on Saturday (17Jul10) when they attend a pal's wedding.American footballer...

17th July 2010 1:44

The Things They Say 17350

"He kept telling me to turn it up. He's always about intensity and focus. Still, when you roll with Sly, you don't want to be the one who gives the...

17th July 2010 1:44

Smiths In Talks To Take On Broadway?

Hollywood power couple WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT SMITH are reportedly in talks to make their Broadway debuts side-by-side, in a revival of...

17th July 2010 1:44

The Things They Say 17352

"You never really get used to it. I think it's one of those things that always amazes me when you walk past people and there's a double-take." DAVID...

17th July 2010 1:44

The Things They Say 17351

"The first time you do it, you're deeply considering an adult diaper." RYAN REYNOLDS' high-flying stuntwork in new DC Comics film THE GREEN LANTERN...

17th July 2010 1:44

Duncan James' Love Tour

Duncan James wants to tour with Blue so he can meet more men. The hunky singer - who admitted his bisexuality in a newspaper interview last year -...

17th July 2010 5:45

Emma Bunton Excited About Bigger Family

Emma Bunton wants a new baby soon. The former Spice Girls singer - who has two-year-old son Beau with her partner Jade Jones - said that she can't...

17th July 2010 5:46

Jessica Biel Not Perfect

Jessica Biel is "not an angel", but has to behave herself because of her job.The 'A Team' star - who is currently dating 'SexyBack' singer Justin...

17th July 2010 6:45

Vanessa Paradis' Deep Love

Vanessa Paradis "can't believe" other couples have the depth of feelings she has with Johnny Depp.The French actress-and-singer - who has children...

17th July 2010 9:30

Jennifer Aniston's Statue Pal

Jennifer Aniston has found a new friend in the form of a statue.The unlucky in love actress - who has been through a string of relationships with the...

17th July 2010 9:30

Alex Reid Put Sport First

Alex Reid tried to "sneak away" from Katie Price to watch Thai Boxing on their honeymoon.The cage-fighter - who spent a week in the South-East Asian...

17th July 2010 9:30

Julia Roberts Wants Epic Movies

Julia Roberts will only work on "epic" movies while her children are young.The 'Eat, Pray, Love' star - who portrays Elizabeth Gilbert the movie...

17th July 2010 9:45

Ife Evicted From Big Brother

Ife was evicted from the 'Big Brother' house last night (16.07.10).The shaven-headed dancer lost out to busty Corin and former mole Mario yesterday,...

17th July 2010 10:00

Tom Jones Won't Retire

Tom Jones wants to live forever.The 70-year-old singer insists that, despite his advancing years, he has no plans to ever retire from performing and...

17th July 2010 10:00

Bb's Ben Task

'Big Brother' housemates must dress and talk like Ben for the next 24 hours.Last night (16.07.10), the Tree of Temptation set its first group task,...

17th July 2010 12:30

Adventurous Chef Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts shocked friends by serving chocolate-covered bugs at a dinner party.The 'Valentine's Day' actress - who is married to cameraman Danny...

17th July 2010 14:00

Scherzinger To Cover For Cole On The X Factor?

PUSSYCAT DOLL NICOLE SCHERZINGER is to stand in for malaria-stricken pop star CHERYL COLE during the next stage of British talent contest THE X...

17th July 2010 14:06

Take That To Kick Off Olympic Games?

Newly reunited British boyband TAKE THAT have been asked to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, according to a...

17th July 2010 14:06

Rage Against The Machine Come Home To Protest Arizona Law

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and singer/songwriter CONOR OBERST are teaming up to protest Arizona's controversial new immigration laws at a concert in...

17th July 2010 14:06

Cops Try To Halt Iglesias' Naked Ski Stunt

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS' plan to ski naked in Miami may not go ahead after all - cops in Florida are trying to prevent the star from carrying out the...

17th July 2010 14:06

Hilton Caught With Cannabis In France

PARIS HILTON was held by police in France on Friday (16Jul10) after she was caught carrying cannabis in her handbag.The socialite travelled to French...

17th July 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 17354

"I think initially they were there to camouflage the fact that I didn't look too good." MOTT THE HOOPLE star IAN HUNTER on his trademark sunglasses.

17th July 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 17353

"I'm a one-guy girl and I've never played the field. I've only had one previous boyfriend. I've just had two good, healthy relationships in my life."...

17th July 2010 14:06

The Things They Tweet 1144

"Well, we did it!!! Always get right back on the horse that bucked you. Thank u gorgeous people of Salem, Germany!!! Totally worth it!" PINK managed...

17th July 2010 14:06

Fascinating Fact 9671

The world's oldest opera singer, LUO PINCHAO, has died, aged 98. The Cantonese Opera star passed away at his home in Hong Kong on Thursday (15Jul10).

17th July 2010 14:06

Bieber's Baby Topples Bad Romance As Internet's Top Video

JUSTIN BIEBER's BABY video has passed LADY GAGA's BAD ROMANCE as the most watched promo on YouTube.com.More than 246 million fans have checked out...

17th July 2010 14:06

Electric Daisy Carnival Brings In Safety Experts After Festival Chaos

The organisers of the ill-fated Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles have hired safety experts to make sure their upcoming music events don't end...

17th July 2010 14:06

Guns N' Roses Uploader A Free Man

The 29-year-old rock fan convicted of illegally uploading nine unheard GUNS N' ROSES tracks is a free man again after completing a year of...

17th July 2010 14:06

Campbell Postpones War Crimes Testimony

British supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL's testimony as part of an ongoing war crimes trial over a "blood diamond" she was allegedly given by former...

17th July 2010 14:06

Atkinson Angers Neighbours Over Property Plans

British funnyman ROWAN ATKINSON has angered local residents near his home in England over plans to transform the traditional property into a modern...

17th July 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 17355

"I need three or four years to go by before I watch stuff, because if I see something I don't like I'll call the director up and producers in the...

17th July 2010 14:06

Murray's Toll-free Hotline For Agents

Funnyman BILL MURRAY has conjured up an unusual way to work without an agent or publicist - he's set up his own toll-free hotline where callers can...

17th July 2010 14:06

Hudgens Uses Anti-wrinkle Cream

Young actress VANESSA HUDGENS is so worried about losing her looks she's already started using anti-wrinkle cream at the age of 21.The High School...

17th July 2010 14:06

Prowse Banned From Star Wars Events For 'Annoying' Lucas

STAR WARS actor DAVID PROWSE has been banned from attending any events connected to the sci-fi franchise after reportedly "annoying" creator GEORGE...

17th July 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 17358

"I sold a few to Steve Wynn, the casino owner... and I was quite humbled by that... I don't have a lot of concrete skills. Instead of painting a...

17th July 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 17357

"I'm not used to it but I know who allows me to continue to work, so, if I meet someone who's enthusiastic about movies and a fan, I'm happy to say...

17th July 2010 14:06

The Things They Say 17356

"She's down in my phone as 'Posh'. She will always be 'Posh'. And every now and then I'm 'Goldenballs'." DAVID BECKHAM and his wife VICTORIA still...

17th July 2010 14:06

Sheryl Crow Praises Divine Jackson

Sheryl Crow says that there will never be another Michael Jackson. The 48-year-old singer got her big break as one of the late King of Pop's backing...

17th July 2010 17:00

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