29th June 2013

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Kim Zolciak Caught Smoking Whilst Pregnant Yet Again: Should She Be Punished?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak was photographed on Thursday (June 27) smoking a cigarette despite being heavily pregnant. Regardless of...

29th June 2013 0:17

Will We Get To See Baby North West On Kris Jenner's Show? Not If Kanye Can Help It

Kanye West was spotted around Los Angeles on Thursday (June 27) with the grandmother of his daughter, Kris Jenner. Whilst this may seem like a lovely...

29th June 2013 1:07

Can 'White House Down' Topple Box-office Competition?

'White House Down' will face stiff competition in its opening weekend at the US box office as 'Monsters University' is set to top the chart for the...

29th June 2013 1:51

Why Has Jamie Oliver Only Read One Book?

Jamie Oliver has just finished reading his first book. The 38-year-old celebrity chef suffers from dyslexia and has ''never got through a book''...

29th June 2013 1:51

So, Is Alec Baldwin A Homophobe? Actor's Response Helps His Defence But Contradicts His Twitter Statement

When he hit back at a reporter that alleged his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, was Tweeting during the funeral of James Gandolfini, Alec Baldwin could have...

29th June 2013 1:59

Sandra Bullock: 'Naked Scenes Are Funny'

Sandra Bullock finds naked scenes funny.The 'Heat' actress says she wouldn't ever try to be sexy on screen but thinks nakedness can be hilarious in...

29th June 2013 2:00

Kanye West's Friend Won't Buy Baby Gift

Kanye West's friend won't buy his baby a gift because the rapper would make a scene if he didn't like it.T-Pain says he has no plans to splash out on...

29th June 2013 2:00

Fifty Shades Movie Cast Rumours Fuelled After Release Date

Ian Somerhalder is the hot favourite to star in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie.Movie studios Universal and Focus Features have confirmed the highly...

29th June 2013 2:01

Alec Baldwin Explodes At Daily Mail Journalist

Alec Baldwin has deleted his Twitter account after hitting out at a journalist.The 55-year-old actor has removed himself from the social networking...

29th June 2013 3:00

Maggie Gyllenhaal: 'I'm Not A Perfect Mother'

Maggie Gyllenhaal used to make parenting mistakes all the time.The 'White House Down' actress has daughter Ramona, six and 14-month-old Gloria Ray...

29th June 2013 4:00

Amanda Bynes To Sign Rap Contract

Amanda Bynes is set to sign to Brick Squad Monopoly records. The 27-year-old actress has asked rapper Waka Flocka Flame to help guide her fledgling...

29th June 2013 4:00

Tom Cruise Pays For $50k To Keep Suri Safe

Tom Cruise spends $50,000 a week on bodyguards for his daughter Suri.The 50-year-old actor has people watching his seven-year-old child...

29th June 2013 9:06

Tina Fey Warns Her Children Against Acting Careers

Tina Fey has urged her daughters to become writers, not actresses. The '30 Rock' creator has revealed that she will encourage her two girls - Alice,...

29th June 2013 9:06

Tulisa Planning Miami Move

Tulisa is planning to make a fresh start by moving to Miami.The 'Young' singer - who has been arrested and bailed over suspicions she set up a deal...

29th June 2013 9:06

Mick Jagger Studied For Glastonbury

Sir Mick Jagger has studied four years of Glastonbury DVDs ahead of The Rolling Stones performance tonight (29.06.2013). The 'Brown Sugar' rocker...

29th June 2013 10:00

Seth Rogen Ate Poo For Movie

Seth Rogen eats poo in his new film 'This Is the End'.The American horror-comedy - written and directed by Seth with Evan Goldberg - has many...

29th June 2013 10:00

New Trailer For "Escape Plan" Shows Stallone And Schwarzenegger Busting Out Of Jail

The ultimate 80s action men – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone – are teaming up again, for Escape Plan. The two actors have worked...

29th June 2013 10:51

Cher Ranks Tom Cruise In Top Five Best Lovers

Cher says Tom Cruise is one of the best lovers she's ever had.The pop diva has revealed her passionate romance with the 'Oblivion' actor in the 80s...

29th June 2013 11:00

Cheryl Cole Planning £50,000 Birthday Bash

Cheryl Cole is throwing herself a £50,000 birthday bash in Los Angeles.The singer has planned an extravagant two-day fiesta to celebrate her 30th...

29th June 2013 11:00

Lindsay Lohan Turned To The Wanted For Support

Lindsay Lohan turned to The Wanted for support before her a court case.The troubled actress - who is currently serving a court-ordered 90-day stint...

29th June 2013 11:00

Lady Gaga Steps Out In Support Of Lgbt Community

Lady Gaga has made her first official public appearance since her hip surgery.The 27-year-old singer took to the stage at New York City's Gay Pride...

29th June 2013 11:22

Miley Cyrus Is A Perfectionist, Especially When It Came To The "We Can't Stop" Video

The reactions to Miley Cyrus’s We Can’t Stop video, released last week, were split, to say the least. While some are loving Miley’s new party...

29th June 2013 12:12

In The Wake Of Racism Scandal, Paula Deen's Empire Is Hemorrhaging Money

The Paula Deen racism scandal has been an enlightening experience for everyone in the loop, not to mention the cooking pro herself. Apparently racism...

29th June 2013 13:04

Alex Turner Leads Birthday Singalong For Mother At Glastonbury

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner made his mother extra proud during the band's headline slot at Britain's Glastonbury festival on Friday (28Jun13)...

29th June 2013 14:02

Rihanna Trespasser Convicted

A trespasser who was caught on the roof of Rihanna's California home this month (Jun13) has pleaded no contest to the charges against him.Robert...

29th June 2013 14:02

Lady Gaga Returns For Gay Pride Rally

Lady Gaga returned to the spotlight on Friday (28Jun13) for the first time since her hip surgery to give a speech and sing America's National Anthem...

29th June 2013 14:02

Lauryn Hill Rants About Racism And Tax Troubles

Prison-bound hip-hop star Lauryn Hill has taken aim at the U.S. legal system in a long, rambling rant online, insisting her struggles with America's...

29th June 2013 14:02

Glastonbury Boss Expects Hero's Welcome For Mumford & Sons

Organisers of Britain's Glastonbury festival are expecting a "hero's welcome" for Mumford & Sons when they headline the event on Sunday (30Jun13)...

29th June 2013 14:02

Jermaine Dupri Facing Tax Troubles

Jermaine Dupri's financial woes have worsened after the hip-hop mogul was hit with an $800,000 (£516,129) tax bill.The producer/rapper was recently...

29th June 2013 14:02

Kelly Clarkson Show Ruined By Rain

Kelly Clarkson was forced to cut short an outdoor performance in Michigan on Friday (28Jun13) after a heavy rain storm hit.The singer was just 20...

29th June 2013 14:02

Alec Baldwin Apologises Over Gay Slurs

Actor Alec Baldwin has issued a public apology for using gay slurs in an online rant aimed at a reporter.The 30 Rock star posted a foul-mouthed...

29th June 2013 14:02

Ian Mckellen Films Final Shot As Gandalf

Veteran British actor Sir Ian Mckellen marked the end of an era on Friday (28Jun13) as he filmed his last ever scene as J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic...

29th June 2013 14:02

Teen Wolf Co-stars Split

Teen Wolf co-stars Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman have split.The actors, who play Allison Argent and Isaac Lahey on the hit teen series, found love...

29th June 2013 14:02

Zach Braff And Lena Dunham Named 2013'S Top Innovators

Actors Zach Braff, Lena Dunham and Melissa Mccarthy have been named among the top 12 innovators of the year (13).Editors at film industry blog...

29th June 2013 14:02

Game Of Thrones Finds Its Prince Oberyn In Pedro Pascal

Chilean actor Pedro Pascal has been cast in a key role for the upcoming season of fantasy epic Game Of Thrones.The Graceland star will portray Prince...

29th June 2013 14:02

Fascinating Fact: 3740163

Sir Mick Jagger is embracing the festival spirit by sleeping outdoors in a yurt during his time at Britain's Glastonbury. He posted a picture of his...

29th June 2013 14:02

Fascinating Fact: 3740164

British rapper Dizzee Rascal kept his sneakers clean from mud at Glastonbury festival by tying plastic carrier bags around his feet.

29th June 2013 14:02

The Things They Tweet: 3740165

"RIP Bert Stern. Thank you for the most amazing photo shoot ever." Australian pop star Kylie Minogue pays tribute to celebrity snapper Bert Stern...

29th June 2013 14:02

The Things They Tweet: 3740166

"Apologies to the occupier of whichever tent it was I mistakenly undressed in at 4am. Thanks for giving my clothes to lost property." Irish funnyman...

29th June 2013 14:02

Fascinating Fact: 3740167

Lena Dunham and her Girls co-star Jemima Kirke have posted footage online which shows them re-enacting MILEY CYRUS' We Can't Stop music video.

29th June 2013 14:02

The Things They Tweet: 3740168

"Oh, what a run! I have to thank the wonderful crew and staff at the Booth Theatre. Every night was a pleasure and a joy." Bette Midler thanks her...

29th June 2013 14:02

The Things They Say: 3740169

"I dressed up as a Care Bear for George Lucas' daughter once. Yeah. For $50. I don't know what I got out of that. I haven't gotten a Star Wars movie,...

29th June 2013 14:02

The Twitter Scandal That Led Alec Baldwin To Quit The Site, But Not Before Leaving His Mark

Alec Baldwin has quit Twitter. Of course, the more interesting part of the story is what led to him quitting the social media site. The incident all...

29th June 2013 14:18

Second Trailer For "Prisoners" Sees Jackman, Gyllenhaal At The Top Of Their Game

If summer is the season of big budget superhero flicks, then fall is when Hollywood unleashes the gritty, “realistic” action movies – case in...

29th June 2013 14:58

Mel B Takes Wardrobe Precautions

Mel B always carries a sewing kit to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.The 'America's Got Talent' judge keeps a needle and thread in her bad along with...

29th June 2013 15:00

Friends In High Places Aid Songwriter Bonnie Mckee's Bid For Pop Stardom

It looks like there’s a new pop star in the vicinity – or an aspiring one anyway. You may not have heard Bonnie McKee’s name before (in which...

29th June 2013 15:52

Matt Damon Desperate To Work With Director

Matt Damon starred in 'Elysium' because he was desperate to team up with Neill Blomkamp. The 'Behind the Candelabra' actor is a huge fan of the...

29th June 2013 16:06

Metallica Tour To 'Get Out The House'

Metallica's Lars Ulrich loves touring because it gets him ''out of the house''.The 'Enter Sandman' band's founder and drummer is a family man but...

29th June 2013 16:06

Haim Bassist 'Almost Died' During Glastonbury Set

Haim's bassist claims she ''almost died'' during their Glastonbury set.Este Haim had to leave the stage mid-set during the band's performance on the...

29th June 2013 16:06

Liam Gallagher: Oasis Will Reunite If 'Musical Gods' Allow It

Liam Gallagher has hinted at a potential Oasis reunion.The outspoken singer appeared to suggest he could bury the hatchet with his brother Noel and...

29th June 2013 16:06

The Rolling Stones Are Ready, Willing And "Slightly Apprehensive" To Take The Stage At Glastonbury Tonight

The Rolling Stones are set to headline Glastonbury with a gig later today on the Pyramid Stage. Oh and did we mention that this will be The Stones’...

29th June 2013 16:42

Rihanna's Stalker Sentenced For Trespassing

Rihanna's stalker has been sentenced to six days in jail and three years probation.Robert Melanson, who the 'Stay' hitmaker has secured a temporary...

29th June 2013 17:51

Carly Rae Jepsen's Romance Is 'Hard Work'

Carly Rae Jepsen admits her relationship is ''hard work''.The Canadian singer, 27, has been dating musician Matthew Koma, 26, for 11 months but says...

29th June 2013 17:51

Alec Baldwin Says He Isn't Homophobic

Alec Baldwin insists he isn't homophobic.The former '30 Rock' star has issued a formal apology for his ''ill advised attack'' on a journalist, who...

29th June 2013 17:51

Kim Kardashian Is 'Super Motivated' To Lose Weight

Kim Kardashian is excited to get in the best shape of her life.The reality TV star, who recently gave birth to her daughter, North West, is ''super...

29th June 2013 17:51

Ray Donovan: Showtime's Bid To Expose The Darker Side Of Hollywood

The TV drama Ray Donovan features broken arms, drug-fueled ragers, baseball bat beatdowns – it sounds like the perfect storm, a good fit for...

29th June 2013 17:57

Kim Kardashian's Baby Is 'Adjusting'

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter is still ''adjusting'' to the world.The reality TV star's mother Kris Jenner has revealed that North West is...

29th June 2013 19:59

Richie Sambora Relies On Jon Bon Jovi

Richie Sambora believes he and Jon Bon Jovi will work out their issues.The Bon Jovi guitarist and the band's frontman have exchanged guarded words...

29th June 2013 19:59

Jake Gyllenhall Is Getting Serious

Jake Gyllenhaal's relationship with Alyssa Miller is reportedly getting serious.The 'End of Watch' star, who recently started dating the Sports...

29th June 2013 19:59

Avril Lavigne Marries Chad Kroeger?

Avril Lavigne allegedly married Chad Kroeger on Saturday (29.06.13).The 'Here's To Never Growing Up' singer tied the knot with the Nickleback rocker...

29th June 2013 21:02

Amanda Bynes Wants More Surgery

Amanda Bynes wants to have cosmetic surgery on her ''whole face''.The 27-year-old actress's fourth nose job had to be rescheduled on Saturday...

29th June 2013 23:00

Cher Tries To Mentor Fans

Cher tries to mentor her younger fans via social media.The 'Strong Enough' singer says she feels like a mother to her 1.6 million Twitter followers...

29th June 2013 23:00

Ashley Greene Adopts New Puppies

Ashley Greene has adopted two new puppies following the tragic death of her dog.The 'Twilight Saga' star, who was devastated when her beloved pet,...

29th June 2013 23:00

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