12th April 2014

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The Game Gets Restraining Order After Allegedly Attacking Ex-fiancé Tiffney Cambridge

Rap star The Game has slapped with a restraining order against his former fiancé Tiffney Cambridge after an alleged attack that occurred last month...

12th April 2014 0:05

Paul Walker Tribute Will Take Place At 2014 Mtv Movie Awards

The late Paul Walker will be remembered at the upcoming 2014 MTV Movie Awards.The 40 year-old, who was tragically killed in a car crash last November...

12th April 2014 0:35

Drake Sports Disguise To Ask The Public What They Really Think Of Him For 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Drake wants to know what you really think of him.The Canadian rap star wore a disguise and took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask the unsuspecting...

12th April 2014 0:59

Can Amanda Bynes Recover Her Career And Make A Comeback?

Last year Amanda Bynes’s career and personal life was in turmoil, the former Nickelodeon star was in the midst of a very public fall from grace...

12th April 2014 1:53

Cameron Diaz Is 'Grateful' To Ex-boyfriends

Cameron Diaz is ''grateful'' to all of her ex-boyfriends.The 'The Other Woman' actress, who previously dated Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto, Matt...

12th April 2014 1:59

Ed Sheeran Is 'One Of The Messiest' People

Johnny McDaid says Ed Sheeran is ''one of the messiest'' people he knows.The Snow Patrol frontman, who recently moved in with girlfriend Courteney...

12th April 2014 1:59

Katy Perry Is Ignoring John Mayer

Katy Perry is reportedly ignoring John Mayer.The 'Dark Horse' singer, who split from the singer-songwriter, 36, in February, refuses to respond to...

12th April 2014 1:59

Khloé Kardashian Refusing To Speak To Lamar Odom

Khloé Kardashian has reportedly been ignoring Lamar Odom's calls.The 29-year-old star split from the NBA player last year after three years of...

12th April 2014 2:00

Mike Myers And Wife, Kelly, Welcome Baby Daughter

Yeh Baby!Mike Myers and his wife, Kelly, welcomed their second child into the world on Friday (April 11th).They are now parents to a healthy baby...

12th April 2014 2:01

Selena Gomez Fires Her Parents: Heres Five Stars Who Did The Same

Selena Gomez has reportedly decided she no longer needs any more parental advisory in her career and fired her manager parents. Selena’s parents...

12th April 2014 2:22

Inside Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin's Alleged "Uncoupling Ceremony"

So, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin allegedly took their decision to ‘consciously uncouple’ one step further, if that’s even possible. The...

12th April 2014 2:40

'The Truman Show' Is Coming To Television, But Will It Find An Audience?

The Truman Show is joining the ever growing list of movies which are being resurrected for the small screen. Paramount has just announced it’s...

12th April 2014 2:55

Mariah Carey Never Dreamed Of Having Kids

Mariah Carey didn't plan on having children.The 'We Belong Together' hitmaker has confessed that from a very young age she never thought she'd become...

12th April 2014 2:59

Minnie Driver Quits Twitter Due To Trolls Targeting Body Figure

For 44 year-old Minnie Driver looks great, but according to Twitter trolls this is not the case.The British actress has decided to leave the social...

12th April 2014 3:03

'Full House' Star Bob Saget Reveals He Was A Dirty Daddy In His Memoirs

Former 'Full House' Dad Bob Saget has just released his memoirs and anyone who thought the actor might have been a mirror image of the clean cut...

12th April 2014 3:15

Remembering Sue Townsend, Author Of 'Adrian Mole' Series

Sue Townsend, author of the beloved Adrian Mole book series, has died aged 68. Townsend had been diagnosed with diabetes in the 1980s and in recent...

12th April 2014 3:33

Celebrity Engagements That Didn't Last

The most shocking break up news of the week goes to Glee star Naya Rivera and now ex-fiancee Big Sean. The pair have called it quits amid rumours of...

12th April 2014 3:55

Johnny Depp Isn't Cool At Home

Johnny Depp admits he often gets in trouble with his teenage daughter.The 'Transcendence' star insists his relationship with daughter Lily-Rose, who...

12th April 2014 3:59

Tori Spelling's Husband Admits To Cheating

Tori Spelling's husband admits he was ''out of control'' before seeking help in rehab.In a new preview of their upcoming reality series, 'True Tori,'...

12th April 2014 3:59

Why Will The 2014 Mtv Movie Awards Host, Conan O'brien, Pay Close Attention To The Best Shirtless Performance Award?

Comedian Conan O'Brien is already the host of the upcoming 2014 MTV Movie Awards, but he may have just made the night even more stressful.The 50...

12th April 2014 4:02

The $6 Million Tweet: Katherine Heigl Vs. Duane Reade Pharmacy

It’s not exactly a secret that Katherine Heigl doesn’t have the best reputation in Hollywood. With rumors of her diva-ish antics on set, her once...

12th April 2014 4:08

Not So Happily Ever After: The Not So Disney Origins Of Some Of Our Favorite Movies

We all know Disney likes to take a little liberty with it’s adaptations, indeed Disney often loves to bring us the more joyful side of life and of...

12th April 2014 4:20

Selena Gomez Fires Parents As Managers, Currently Looking For The Perfect Successor

Selena Gomez's professional relationship with her parents has come to an end.The 21 year-old singer has fired mother Mandy Teefy and stepfather Brian...

12th April 2014 5:03

Johnny Depp Talks Turning 50 And His Teenage Children With Ellen Degeneres

Johnny Depp seems to be calming down with age.The 50 year-old actor recently appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', which aired on Friday (April...

12th April 2014 6:06

Lee Ryan Arrested For Alleged Drink Driving & Drug Possession

Blue singer Lee Ryan spent the night in a jail cell after being arrested in the early hours of Friday morning (April 11th).The 30 year-old was...

12th April 2014 7:00

Girls Aloud Put Off By Kimberley Walsh's Pregnancy

Kimberely Walsh says her pregnancy has put her former Girls Aloud bandmates off wanting a baby.The singer - who is the second of the group to become...

12th April 2014 9:06

Peter Andre's Daughter Looks Like Emily Macdonagh

Peter Andre's newborn daughter looks like his fiancée Emily MacDonagh.The proud dad has gushed over his three-month-old tot Amelia and thinks she is...

12th April 2014 9:06

Gwyneth Paltrow Won't Join Coldplay On Tour

Gwyneth Paltrow will not be going on tour with Coldplay.The 'Iron Man' actress split with the band's frontman after 10 years of marriage last month...

12th April 2014 9:06

Ed Sheeran To Collaborate With The Vamps

Ed Sheeran is planning a collaboration with The Vamps.The 'Wild Heart' singers have been finding the ''right time'' in their busy schedule to work on...

12th April 2014 9:59

Keira Knightley Eyeing Up The Typist Film Role

Keira Knightley is considering a role in Fox's adaptation of 'The Typist'.The 29-year-old actress is in talks to star in the forthcoming film based...

12th April 2014 9:59

Simon Cowell Has 'Millions' Of Regrets

Simon Cowell revealed he has ''millions'' of regrets, but they don't ''eat him up''.The media mogul refused to go into detail, but admitted they...

12th April 2014 10:59

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Set For Secret Wedding

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are planning a secret wedding days before their ceremony in Paris.The superstar couple are set to tie the knot this...

12th April 2014 10:59

Lily Allen Describes Lady Gaga As A 'Martyr'

Lily Allen has called Lady Gaga a ''martyr'' for choosing ''art'' over commercial success.The 'Air Balloon' hitmaker has defended her fellow singer...

12th April 2014 10:59

Debbie Harry's Adoption 'Identity Crisis'

Debbie Harry experienced an ''identity crisis'' after being adopted.The Blondie singer, 68, who was given up by her mother when she was only a few...

12th April 2014 10:59

Kylie Minogue Blames Voice Exit On Tour Times

The Voice may have been given a popularity boost via a certain Australian popstar, but it’ll have to source a new famous face for next season as...

12th April 2014 11:06

The Award For Most Depressing News Story Of 2014 Goes To Lee Ryan

It’s like, April, but Lee Ryan has already managed to cultivate the year’s most depressing news story by getting caught drunk driving and –...

12th April 2014 12:26

For Brendan Gleeson, His Role In 'Calvary' Was Mental Grind

Brendan Gleeson has admitted that he found it difficult to switch between normal life and the harrowed, good natures priest he portrays in the...

12th April 2014 13:04

Outkast Cut Off At Coachella

Reunited rap stars Outkast sealed their comeback by kicking off the 2014 Coachella music festival in California on Friday (11Apr14), but the show...

12th April 2014 14:03

Pop Star Lee Ryan Arrested

British pop star Lee Ryan has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and drug possession.The Blue singer, 30, was taken into custody in the...

12th April 2014 14:03

Michael Jackson's Family Ready To Fight Debbie Rowe For Custody Of Kids

Michael Jackson's brothers are determined to challenge the King of Pop's ex-wife Debbie Rowe if she attempts to fight for custody of her two...

12th April 2014 14:03

Ne-yo: 'I Don't Condone Chris Brown's Behaviour'

R&B star Ne-Yo has spoken out to clarify his comments which suggested Chris Brown had been treated unfairly by U.S. authorities, insisting the...

12th April 2014 14:03

Kanye West To Wed Kim Kardashian In U.s. Ahead Of Paris Ceremony - Report

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will marry in a low-key wedding in Los Angeles ahead of their lavish ceremony in Paris due to France's strict marital...

12th April 2014 14:03

Johnny Depp Served With Legal Papers At Film Premiere - Report

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp was served with legal papers relating to a murder trial as he attended the premiere of his latest movie in Los Angeles on...

12th April 2014 14:03

Ed Lauter's Family Sues Tv Networks Over Asbestos Claims

Ed Lauter's relatives have filed a lawsuit over allegations the actor's cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos in Tv studios.The Artist star died...

12th April 2014 14:03

Jimmy Fallon Caught Up In Bar Fight

U.S. Tv host Jimmy Fallon escaped unharmed after he was reportedly caught up in a bar fight in New York City on Thursday night (10Apr14).The Tonight...

12th April 2014 14:03

Stars Support Baz Luhrmann At Strictly Ballroom Premiere

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby star Joel Edgerton and pop singer Kylie Minogue were among the famous faces who supported the director at the world...

12th April 2014 14:03

Tom Hanks Turned His Life Around After Diabetes Diagnosis

Actor Tom Hanks is "healthier than ever" after turning his lifestyle around following his diabetes diagnosis last year (13), according to his wife...

12th April 2014 14:03

Skateboarder Jereme Rogers Denies Assault And Battery Charges

Professional skateboarder Jereme Rogers has pleaded not guilty to two charges stemming from an alleged brawl in a Los Angeles nightclub.The 29 year...

12th April 2014 14:03

Fascinating Fact: 4152422

Robert Downey, Jr. has finally joined Twitter.com. The actor posted his first tweet on Friday (11Apr14). The message reads, "Talk to me, Twitter."

12th April 2014 14:03

Fascinating Fact: 4152423

Brad Pitt's car was slapped with a parking ticket during the actor's visit to a gallery in Los Angeles on Friday (11Apr14).

12th April 2014 14:03

The Things They Say: 4152424

"As far as having more kids, it's easy for me, and Amber should have the opportunity to have kids if she wants. Let's face it, practising for it is...

12th April 2014 14:03

Fascinating Fact: 4152425

U.S. reality Tv star Lydia Mclaughlin, who appears on The Real Housewives of Orange County, is pregnant with her third child.

12th April 2014 14:03

Lionsgate Fancy Three More Divergent Films: 'Allegiant' To Be Two Movies

Lionsgate have ignored the fact that critics pretty much hated the first film in the trilogy adapted from Veronica Roth book, and have announced that...

12th April 2014 14:11

Andrew Garfield 'Loves Being Naked'

Andrew Garfield wants to be ''naked all the time''.The 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' actor - who began dating co-star Emma Stone three years ago - has...

12th April 2014 14:59

Lady Gaga Loves Using Facelift Tape

Lady Gaga uses facelift tape ''every day'' to look younger.The 28-year-old singer has admitted she uses the tape to pull the skin around her...

12th April 2014 14:59

Hulk Hogan Made Peace With Ultimate Warrior

Hulk Hogan made peace with Ultimate Warrior days before his death.The WWE icon has revealed the two superstars put aside their differences and ended...

12th April 2014 14:59

Stephen Colbert Gets The Conan Seal Of Approval For Letterman's Job

The successor to David Letterman was always going to be a huge deal, as Louis C.K expertly conveyed in his three-part special towards the end of...

12th April 2014 15:12

Shailene Woodley Conquered Fear Of Heights For Divergent

Shailene Woodley's fear of heights fuelled her to be more daring.The 22-year-old actress climbed to the top of a giant Ferris wheel in new movie...

12th April 2014 16:06

Aloe Blacc: Hip-hop Is 'Limiting'

Aloe Blacc thinks hip-hop is a ''limiting genre''.The 35-year-old star began his music career as an underground rap artist, but he's confessed he...

12th April 2014 16:06

Bob Odenkirk On The "Intense Evil And Darkness" Of Fargo

Bob Odenkirk isn’t a stranger to dark themes being explored on TV, especially having played the much loved and key character of Saul Goodman –...

12th April 2014 16:38

Was Outkast's Comeback At Coachella A Total Disaster?

Outkast made their long awaited comeback at Coachella, topping last night’s bill and making their first stateside performance for 12 years. But...

12th April 2014 17:25

Nick Lachey's Son Is Very Affectionate

Nick Lachey's wife says their little boy is ''the sweetest guy.''Vanessa Lachey enjoys watching their 19-month-old son, Camden, reach new milestones...

12th April 2014 17:51

Jared Leto Found Hometown 'Oppressive'

Jared Leto doesn't feel connected to where he grew up.The Oscar-winning actor admits he is glad he ''escaped'' from his hometown Bossier City,...

12th April 2014 17:51

Snooki Works Out Everyday

Snooki plans to work out every day until she gives birth.The 26-year-old star is set to welcome to her second child into the world shortly before her...

12th April 2014 17:51

Finally, Mickey Rooney Will Be Buried At The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The argument over Mickey Rooney’s body has finally been resolved, with Rooney’s lawyer explaining to The New York Daily News that the late star...

12th April 2014 18:14

Robert Downey Jr. Joins Twitter

Robert Downey Jr. has joined Twitter.The 'Iron Man' star posted his first tweet on Friday afternoon (11.04.14) and amassed almost one million...

12th April 2014 18:51

Hilary Duff At Coachella With Husband

Hilary Duff and her estranged husband Mike Comrie are attending Coachella together.The duo, who have a two-year-old son Luca together, further...

12th April 2014 19:59

Johnny Depp To Testify In Murder Trial

Johnny Depp has been subpoenaed to give evidence in a murder trial.The 'Transcendence' star was reportedly served with legal documents at the movie's...

12th April 2014 19:59

Selena Gomez Parties With Kardashians

Selena Gomez partied with Kendall and Kylie Jenner at Coachella on Friday (11.04.14).The 'Come & Get It' hitmaker, who sought treatment in rehab in...

12th April 2014 19:59

Kim Kardashian Hasn't Sent Out Invites

Kim Kardashian refuses to tell her friends where she is getting married until they arrive in Paris.The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star is set...

12th April 2014 20:59

Hilary Duff Is 'Still Separated'

Hilary Duff is ''still separated'' from Mike Comrie.The former couple, who announced their split in January, sparked speculation they had reconciled...

12th April 2014 22:59

Kelly Osbourne Defends Justin Bieber

Kelly Osbourne thinks Justin Bieber should be allowed to make mistakes.The 'Fashion Police' co-host, who became friends with the 'Baby' hitmaker when...

12th April 2014 22:59

Jenny Mccarthy Isn't 'Anti-vaccine'

Jenny McCarthy insists she isn't ''anti-vaccine.''The 'The View' co-host, whose 11-year-old son Evan has autism, hit back at her critics for blasting...

12th April 2014 22:59

Nick Carter Weds Lauren Kitt

Nick Carter got married in southern California on Saturday (12.04.14).The Backstreet Boys star, who previously dated Paris Hilton, tied the knot with...

12th April 2014 22:59

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