2nd November 2014

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Eliza Dushka's Halloween Nightmare - Bag Snatched But Returned In Providence

Eliza Dushku's bag was snatched by two men in fancy dress on Friday (31st October). The 33-year-old actress was staying at a hotel in Providence,...

2nd November 2014 0:59

Amal Alamuddin's Family Reportedly Star Struck And "Fangirling" Over George Clooney

Amal Alamuddin's family appear to be more than happy to welcome George Clooney to their family. Sources, speaking after the couple's second wedding...

2nd November 2014 0:59

Bette Midler Reveals Key To Happy Marriage

Bette Midler thinks space is the key to a happy marriage.The 68-year-old star has been married to Martin von Haselberg for 30 years and has learned...

2nd November 2014 2:00

J.k. Rowling Shares Dolores Umbridge's Background In New Harry Potter Story

Harry Potter fans were in for a treat on Friday (31st October) when J.K. Rowling posted a new story on Pottermore.com detailing the background of the...

2nd November 2014 2:05

Grumpy Cat Stars In Lifetime's 'Worst Christmas Ever' - Watch The Trailer

Grumpy Cat is graduating from the computer screen to the television screen when she stars in a Lifetime movie entitled Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas...

2nd November 2014 2:57

Alisa Reyes Wishes She Could Help Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes' former co-star wishes she could have prevented her downward spiral.The 28-year-old actress was recently involuntarily committed to a...

2nd November 2014 2:59

Iggy Azalea Responds To Snoop Dogg's 'White Chicks' Criticism Through Halloween Costume

Iggy Azalea certainly knows how to rise above a situation and completely undercut Snoop Dogg's previous comments about her appearance.Iggy Azalea...

2nd November 2014 3:58

Mary Berry Vandalised Paul Hollywood's Car & Signed Her Graffiti 'Love Mary'

Mary Berry could have faced criminal charges if her Great British Bake Off co-star Paul Hollywood had chosen to press charges!Paul Hollywood and Mary...

2nd November 2014 5:40

5 Things To Know About Taylor Swift's Cosmo UK Cover Interview

Taylor Swift looks fabulous on the cover of Cosmo UK's December edition. The 24-year-old singer has been promoting her recently released album 1989...

2nd November 2014 6:00

Kerry Washington Credits Play For Abuse Prevention

Kerry Washington credits 'The Vagina Monologues' for inspiring her to become part of the movement to end domestic violence.The 'Scandal' star has...

2nd November 2014 9:06

Amy Poehler To Write Book About Pals

Amy Poehler would love to write a book about her famous friends.The 'Parks & Recreation' star, who has just released her memoir, 'Yes Please,'...

2nd November 2014 9:06

Keira Knightley Hates Shopping

Keira Knightley doesn't like shopping. The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star isn't keen on browsing through stores but can't resist splashing out in...

2nd November 2014 9:06

Dave Grohl Bored Of Studios

Dave Grohl is bored by the idea of simply recording an album in a studio. The Foo Fighters frontman and his bandmates travelled to various cities in...

2nd November 2014 9:59

Pierce Brosnan Was Just Getting Used To Bond Role

Pierce Brosnan was ''just getting the hang'' of playing James Bond when he was axed from the movie series. The 61-year-old actor - who played the...

2nd November 2014 10:00

Grumpy Cat's Lifetime Movie "Worst Christmas Ever" - Best Holiday Movie Ever? [Trailer]

Good morning (depending on your time zone), it’s time for some inner conflict re: Grumpy Cat’s upcoming Christmas movie. If you haven’t heard...

2nd November 2014 10:07

Rita Ora's Boyfriend Ricky Hilfiger Branded 'Sex-obsessed' By Ex

Ricky Hilfiger's ex has branded him ''sex-obsessed''.The son of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, has been dating 'I Will Never Let You Down' hitmaker...

2nd November 2014 10:59

Anne Hathaway Believes Aliens Exist

Anne Hathaway believes aliens exist.The 'The Devil Wears Prada' star has admitted that she believes there are other life forms in the universe, but...

2nd November 2014 10:59

Katie Melua Finds Spider Living In Her Ear

Katie Melua has found a spider living in her ear.The 'Nine Million Bicycles' crooner has opened up about the terrifying situation, revealing that...

2nd November 2014 10:59

Jessica Lowndes: La Is Full Of Phonies

Jessica Lowndes says Los Angeles is ''filled with phonies.''The former '90210' actress, who previously dated former professional rugby player Thom...

2nd November 2014 10:59

Surgeon Pays Tribute To Wilko Johnson And Medics Over Cancer Fight

A surgeon who masterminded the major surgery that cured Wilko Johnson's cancer has paid tribute to the rocker's bravery, hailing him for enduring...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Morrissey Axes Gig Over Flu Outbreak

Singer Morrissey axed a concert in France on Friday (31Oct14) after a bout of influenza hit his crew.The former The Smiths frontman was due to...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Simon Webbe Battling Depression

British pop star Simon Webbe became so depressed by his bankruptcy filing at the end of last year (13) that he considered suicide.In September last...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Sammy Hagar & Glenn Hughes To Share Vocals For Mckagan's Supergroup

Veteran rockers Sammy Hagar and Glenn Hughes will share vocal duties for supergroup Kings Of Chaos at the 10th annual Classic Rock Awards in Los...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Danny Devito Is Not A One Direction Fan

Danny Devito has not become a fan of One Direction despite starring in their latest music video for Steal My Girl.The funnyman was recruited to play...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Eliza Dushku Happy After Men Held Over Bag Theft

Actress Eliza Dushku is celebrating after two men accused of stealing her bag were apprehended following her appeal for help on Twitter.com on Friday...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Russell Brand Pens Letter To Andrew Sachs Six Years After Prank

Actor/comedian Russell Brand wrote a letter to veteran British actor Andrew Sachs earlier this year (14) to finally apologise for his controversial...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Daniel Radcliffe Loved Slithery Snake Co-stars In Horns

Daniel Radcliffe developed a love affair with snakes on the set of his new movie Horns and fell for one of his slithery co-stars, called Princess...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Jason Biggs Asks Fans To Help Find Lost Dog

Actor Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen issued an appeal to fans on Twitter.com on Friday (31Oct14) after their dog went missing.The American Pie...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Iggy Azalea Surprised By Bigger Role In Furious 7

Iggy Azalea was shocked to discover she had a pivotal part in the latest Fast & Furious film because she thought she'd just be waving a flag like pal...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Fascinating Fact: 4440900

Foo Fighters performed a Halloween night (31Oct14) gig in Nashville, Tennessee dressed up as rockers Kiss.

2nd November 2014 13:59

Fascinating Fact: 4440901

Prince made a rare Tv appearance on Saturday night (01Nov14) when he provided the music for U.S. comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live. Backed by...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Fascinating Fact: 4440902

To celebrate to the release of his new album Motion, Scottish Dj Calvin Harris organised a number of taxi rides in London, Manchester in England, and...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Fascinating Fact: 4440903

Actress Hayden Panettiere showed off a large baby bump while posing in her revealing Halloween costume. The Nashville star, who is expecting her...

2nd November 2014 13:59

Lena Dunham Denies Sexual Assault Claims

Lena Dunham has reacted angrily to claims that she sexually assaulted her younger sister.In an article published by right-wing blog Truth Revolt on...

2nd November 2014 14:51

Iggy Azalea's "White Chicks" Costume Just Beat Your Halloween Game

If you ever doubted that Iggy Azalea is highly self-aware (and, I admit, a little bit awesome,) check out what she dressed up as for Halloween. If...

2nd November 2014 15:00

Metal Icon Wayne Static Dead At 48

Heavy metal star Wayne Static has died three days before his 49th birthday.A representative for the former Static-X frontman confirmed the sad news...

2nd November 2014 15:32

Woody Harrelson: Jennifer Lawrence Hasn't Changed

Woody Harrelson is relieved Jennifer Lawrence hasn't been ''f***ed up'' by fame.The 'Hunger Games' actor loves that his 24-year-old co-star has...

2nd November 2014 16:06

Debbie Harry Was Always 'Sexy'

Debbie Harry was always a sex symbol.The Blondie singer admits her mother was worried about her from a young age because men found her attractive but...

2nd November 2014 16:06

After Boston Bombings Jokes, Chris Rock Supported By Fellow Comedians... And Nobody Else

Chris Rock has never been one to shy away from shock humour and difficult topics, but his opening monologue on SNL last night might just make you...

2nd November 2014 16:20

Daniel Radcliffe Bans Glasses

Daniel Radcliffe has banned himself from ever wearing glasses.The 25-year-old actor - who starred as the boy wizard in the 'Harry Potter' film series...

2nd November 2014 16:59

Katherine Heigl Doesn't Think She's 'Rude'

Katherine Heigl doesn't think she is ''rude''.The '27 Dresses' star - who has worked with big Hollywood names including Gerard Butler and Ashton...

2nd November 2014 16:59

A Week In Movies: Interstellar Premieres In L.a. And London, Radcliffe Talks Horns, Film Crews Hit The Streets In London And New York, Longer Trailers For Into The Woods, Paddington And Avengers 2

Christopher Nolan's hotly anticipated sci-fi epic Interstellar held its world premiere in Los Angeles this week, followed by a European premiere in...

2nd November 2014 17:07

Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewald Get Married, Save Very First Kiss For Private Moment

So Jessa Duggar got hitched to Ben Seewald, but she didn’t kiss him during the ceremony. I’ll try to explain until that sentence makes sense. See...

2nd November 2014 18:03

Despite A Great Round For "Nightcrawler", The Halloween Office Is Scary...Ly Bad

With Halloween weekend almost over, Ouija has been dethroned. The new box office champion is Jake Gyllenhaal’s Nightcrawler, which is already being...

2nd November 2014 18:22

Vin Diesel: Paul Walker Was A 'Special Angel'

Vin Diesel has paid tribute to the late Paul Walker, calling him a ''special angel''.Alongside his co-stars of 'Fast and Furious 7', the 47-year-old...

2nd November 2014 18:51

Katie Holmes 'Can't Wait' To Have Grandchildren

Katie Holmes ''can't wait'' to have grandchildren.The 'Dawson's Creek' star - who has eight-year-old, Suri, with ex-husband Tom Cruise - has revealed...

2nd November 2014 18:51

Chris Brown Wants To Encourage Drug Discussions

Chris Brown wants more discussions about drugs to take place.The 'Forever' hitmaker revealed that he, himself, took medicine for anxiety, Xanax, and...

2nd November 2014 19:59

Harry Styles Too 'Embarrassed' To Wear Disguise

Harry Styles is too ''embarrassed'' to wear a disguise.Whilst the 20-year-old singer - who is part of chart-topping boy band One Direction - agrees...

2nd November 2014 19:59

Shailene Woodley Not Dating Ansel Elgort

Shailene Woodley has denied rumours that she is dating Ansel Elgort.The 22-year-old actress - who starred opposite 20-year-old Ansel in 'The Fault In...

2nd November 2014 19:59

British Jazz Icon Acker Bilk Dies

Celebrated British jazz musician Acker Bilk has died at the age of 85.The clarinet player passed away on Sunday (02Nov14) at a hospital in Bath,...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Tributes For Wayne Static Pour In On Twitter

Rockers Dave Navarro and Ozzy Osbourne are leading the tributes to late heavy metal icon Wayne Static following his death on Saturday...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Selena Gomez Calls Cops Over Burglary Fears

Singer/actress Selena Gomez called cops to her home in California this week (beg27Oct14) over fears of an intruder.The Come and Get It hitmaker...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Sam Smith Loses His Voice And Pulls Out Of Show

Singer Sam Smith pulled out of a Halloween party performance on Saturday night (01Nov14) after losing his voice.The soul star was billed to headline...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Gabriel Aubry Hits Back In Halle Berry Legal Battle

Model Gabriel Aubry has hit back in his latest legal fight with his actress ex Halle Berry, insisting he has been unable to find regular work because...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Terrence Howard Blames Tax Bill For Cutting Spousal Support For Third Ex-wife

Actor Terrence Howard has blamed his huge tax debt for leaving him with a lack of funds to support his third ex-wife after she accused him of lying...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Midnight Rider Accident Footage Released

Video taken moments before production assistant Sarah Jones was killed on the set of stalled Allman Brothers biopic Midnight Rider aired on U.S. news...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Cops Found No Drug Pipe At Ashley Greene's Home - Report

Police investigating a fire at actress Ashley Greene's home found no drug paraphernalia at the property despite reports a crack pipe was discovered...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Maggie Smith Blames Downton Abbey For Fame

British actress Dame Maggie Smith blames Downton Abbey for making her too famous to walk the streets.The veteran actress has enjoyed several...

2nd November 2014 22:55

Halle Berry's Bitter Split From Ex Continues

Halle Berry's split from her ex-partner continues to be bitter.The 'Extant' star broke up with Gabriel Aubry - with whom she shares joint custody of...

2nd November 2014 22:59

Selena Gomez Urged To Lock Doors By Cops

Selena Gomez has reportedly been urged to lock her doors by police.The reminder comes following an incident last week where the 'Come And Get It'...

2nd November 2014 22:59

Katherine Heigl Admits She's "Made Mistakes" Amidst Claims Of Being "Rude"

Like most Hollywood stars, Katherine Heigl is faced with her fair share of criticism, and this isn't helped by her reputation of being hard to work...

2nd November 2014 23:18

Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Splitting From Ben Affleck: "My First Big Heartbreak"

Jennifer Lopez has undoubtedly had one of the most prosperous pop music careers ever, but unfortunately she cannot translate this success into her...

2nd November 2014 23:41

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