9th September 2017

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Idris Elba Tackling Adult Illiteracy

Idris Elba is helping to tackle adult illiteracy.The 45-year-old actor has partnered with a formerly illiterate mother and Project Literacy, a global...

9th September 2017 0:43

Sam Smith's Charity Gigs

Sam Smith has announced a mini-tour in aid of War Child.The 25-year-old singer has just launched his comeback single 'Too Good At Goodbyes' and fans...

9th September 2017 0:55

Jared Leto Blinded Himself For Blade Runner 2049

Jared Leto blinded himself while filming 'Blade Runner 2049'.The 45-year-old actor used a set of custom made contact lenses to impair his vision in...

9th September 2017 1:11

Liv Tyler Reveals Why She Nearly Quit Acting

Liv Tyler almost quit acting when she had an identity crisis.The 'Gunpowder' actress was very confident when she was younger, but reached a point a...

9th September 2017 5:59

Jeremy Renner Cried Watching Arrival

Jeremy Renner cried after watching 'Arrival' for the first time.The 45-year-old actor starred alongside Amy Adams in Denis Villeneuve's 2016 sci-fi...

9th September 2017 5:59

Colin Firth: I'm Not A 'Believable' Action Hero

Colin Firth doesn't think he'd make a ''believable'' action hero.The 56-year-old star has revealed he has no intention of making a Liam Neeson-like...

9th September 2017 5:59

Bill Skarsgard Reveals It Caused Him 'Nightmares For Weeks'

Bill Skarsgard had nightmares for ''weeks'' after he finished filming 'IT'.The 27-year-old actor stars as the iconic horror villain Pennywise the...

9th September 2017 5:59

Plan B: Fame Left Me Feeling 'Empty'

Plan B was left feeling ''pretty empty'' by fame.The 33-year-old musician took a break from the spotlight after six years of huge success between...

9th September 2017 6:00

Zayn Malik Will Tour Second Album

Zayn Malik insists a tour is ''definitely on the cards'' for his second album.The 24-year-old musician didn't head out on the road in promotion of...

9th September 2017 6:51

Kristen Bell Staying Positive Amidst Hurricane Irma Threat

Kristen Bell is trying to ''stay positive'' under the threat of Hurricane Irma.The 37-year-old actress is currently staying in Orlando, Florida,...

9th September 2017 7:00

Zayn Malik Is Happy

Zayn Malik is ''super'' happy.The 24-year-old singer has assured his fans ''everything is under control'' in his life, and he's even started to pack...

9th September 2017 7:00

Paris Hilton And Chris Zylka Moved In Together After A Day

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka moved in together after just one day.The 36-year-old heiress has been dating the 'Leftovers' star for over a year and...

9th September 2017 7:00

Nicole Scherzinger Gave Blood Just For Money

Nicole Scherzinger used to give blood just to get money.The former Pussycat Dolls singer's family couldn't afford to pay for her to go to college, so...

9th September 2017 7:00

Jordan Vogt-roberts Praises Godzilla Vs. Kong

Jordan Vogt-Roberts has said 'Godzilla Vs. Kong' will have the same ''sensibility'' as 'Kong: Skull Island'.The 32-year-old filmmaker helmed the...

9th September 2017 7:05

Kristen Bell 'Literally Saved' Josh Gad's Family

Kristen Bell has ''literally saved'' Josh Gad's family from Hurricane Irma.The 37-year-old actress is currently staying in Orlando, Florida, filming...

9th September 2017 8:59

Kim Kardashian West Slams Surrogate Rumours

Kim Kardashian West has ''never confirmed'' she and Kanye West are expecting their third child via a surrogate.The 36-year-old reality star - who...

9th September 2017 8:59

Zayn Malik Read Letters To His Granddad

Zayn Malik used to read letters to his granddad.The 24-year-old musician has said his grandfather - who was first-generation Pakistani - wasn't a...

9th September 2017 8:59

Mariah Carey 'Is Planning To Attend A Weight-loss Retreat'

Mariah Carey is reportedly planning a stint at a weight-loss retreat.The 'Hero' singer is said to have gained almost 60lbs over the past year and is...

9th September 2017 8:59

Jessica Chastain Isn't Lilandra In X-men: Dark Phoenix

Jessica Chastain has denied rumours she is to play Lilandra Neramani in 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix'.The 40-year-old actress will have a role in the...

9th September 2017 9:59

Joanne Froggatt Says Downton Abbey Movie Would Be 'Tricky'

Joanne Froggatt thinks it would be ''tricky'' to make a 'Downton Abbey' movie.The 37-year-old actress - who played maid Anna Bates in the popular...

9th September 2017 9:59

Sam Smith's Voice Has Improved Since Cutting Dairy

Sam Smith thinks his voice is at its ''best'' because he's given up alcohol and cheese.The 25-year-old singer recently released his new single 'Too...

9th September 2017 10:00

Shania Twain: Contracting Lyme Disease Was A 'Blessing In Disguise'

Shania Twain thinks contracting Lyme disease was a ''blessing in disguise'' as the illness forced her to take a break.The 'Still the One' hitmaker...

9th September 2017 10:00

'Fear The Walking Dead' New Season 3 Villain Teased

Though it may not be as popular as the show that spawned it, 'Fear The Walking Dead' has found a loyal audience at AMC and will return for the second...

9th September 2017 12:50

'Stranger Things' Season 2 Will Focus On Hopper's Daughter

As one of Netflix's most successful original properties, 'Stranger Things' made an impression on viewers like other series could only dream of....

9th September 2017 13:14

'Supernatural' Executive Producer Teases Castiel's Future

Long-running CW series 'Supernatural' will be making its return next month in the US for an incredible 13th season, and as is tradition, information...

9th September 2017 13:58

'Star Wars' Episode Viii Director Promises "Darker Tone"

'The Last Jedi' certainly sounds like one of the more ominous 'Star Wars' films in the episodic collection, and new comments from the movie's...

9th September 2017 15:45

Beyonce Performs For Hurricane Victims

Beyonce performed for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.The 'Love On Top' hitmaker returned to Houston, Texas with her 63-year-old mother Tina Knowles,...

9th September 2017 16:18

Priyanka Chopra Calls For Equality

Priyanka Chopra is ''digging her feet in'' to get equality for women in the film industry.The 'Baywatch' star wants to make it ''easier'' for the...

9th September 2017 16:40

Jim Carrey: I've Survived A 'River Of Sorrow'

Jim Carrey has survived a ''river of sorrow''.The 'Bruce Almighty' star - who tragically lost his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White and faced a legal...

9th September 2017 16:58

Charlie Hunnam Shares Secret To Great Relationship

Charlie Hunnam keeps his romance alive by doing all the household chores.The 37-year-old actor has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Morgana...

9th September 2017 17:11

Kim Kardashian West Slams Sharon Osbourne

Kim Kardashian West has hit out at Sharon Osbourne after she called her a ''ho''.The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has fired back at the...

9th September 2017 17:47

Evan Rachel Wood: Motherhood's Harder Than I Thought

Evan Rachel Wood says motherhood is a lot ''harder'' than she thought it would be.The 30-year-old actress admits it is tough being a mother to her...

9th September 2017 18:11

George Clooney Didn't Want Kids To Have Ridiculous Names

George and Amal Clooney didn't want their children to have ''ridiculous Hollywood names''.The 'Money Monster' star and the human rights lawyer...

9th September 2017 18:30

Viola Davis' Fears For Her Daughter

Viola Davis always ''stresses'' the importance of education to her daughter because she doesn't want her to grow up entitled.The 'How To Get Away...

9th September 2017 18:46

Mindy Kaling Expecting A Baby Girl

Mindy Kaling is expecting a baby girl.The 'Mindy Project' star is reportedly set to welcome a little girl into the world, according to her co-star...

9th September 2017 22:36

Katie Price Fears Breakdown

Katie Price fears she will have ''some kind of breakdown'' after a string of devastating events.The 39-year-old star suffered a miscarriage, split...

9th September 2017 22:53

Noel Gallagher Performs At Manchester Arena Re-opening Concert

Noel Gallagher was joined by the families of the Manchester terror attack victims as Manchester Arena was re-opened on Saturday night (09.09.17).The...

9th September 2017 23:35

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