1st January 2018

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Gone But Not Forgotten: Five Posthumous Grammy Winners

This year seems to be the year of posthumous Grammy nominations, with at least four recently deceased superstars up for awards this year. Carrie...

1st January 2018 2:00

Ten Fascinating Facts About Gwen Stefani

From fronting No Doubt to designing her own clothing line and appearing as a judge on ‘The Voice’, Gwen Stefani has done it all. But there’s...

1st January 2018 8:00

Nick Jonas Was Freaked Out When He First Watched Jumanji

After catching the attention of critics and fans with acclaimed performances in the TV series Kingdom and the dark dramatic film Goat, Nick Jonas is...

1st January 2018 11:30

The Best Small Festivals The UK Has To Offer

One of the quieter but most significant revolutions in the British music scene this decade has been the explosion of small, or ‘boutique’,...

1st January 2018 13:30

Gillian Anderson Confirms The New 'X-files' Season Is Her Last

Gillian Anderson has confirmed that the upcoming new series of 'The X-Files' will be the final one she returns for, bringing her role as Dana Scully...

1st January 2018 13:42

Cristin Milioti Discusses Epic Ending To Her 'Black Mirror' Episode 'U.s.s. Callister'

'Black Mirror' is without a doubt one of the most controversial shows the modern world has seen, bringing a scary sense of relatability to each of...

1st January 2018 14:51

The Pitch Perfect Cast Think Their Franchise Is A Little Crazy

Billed as the farewell tour, Pitch Perfect 3 adds action to the mix as the Bellas heads to Europe get entangled with both DJ Khaled and a criminal...

1st January 2018 15:00

Ten Most Interesting Facts About Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran comes across as a regular guy from Suffolk when he's not on stage with his guitar, but there are a few adorable quirks about him that not...

1st January 2018 16:10

'Supergirl' Actor Jeremy Jordan Wants To Play A Superhero

Though 'Supergirl' fans already see Winn Schott as a "hero", the actor who takes on the role in the CW series, Jeremy Jordan, would love to change...

1st January 2018 16:33

A Marvel-lous 2018 - All The Marvel Releases Coming This Year

2018 is shaping up to be a great year for comic book movies with Marvel once again leading the charge. The Avengers will be back, as will the...

1st January 2018 18:30

Netflix Reveal Premiere Date For 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Season 2

Known to many as a dramatic series of novels for youngsters, before it made its way to the big screen and then just last year Netflix as an original...

1st January 2018 21:41

You Think You Know Beyonce? Here Are 10 Facts That Might Prove You Don't

Beyonce Knowles is arguably the biggest pop diva of the 21st century, but she is also extremely private when it comes to her personal life. She has...

1st January 2018 22:30

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