17th February 2018

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Lisa Marie Presley In $16 Million Debt

Lisa Marie Presley is allegedly over $16 million in debt, according to newly filed divorce documents.The 50-year-old singer - who is the daughter of...

17th February 2018 0:58

Eric Dane And Rebecca Gayheart Split

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have filed for divorce.The 'Grey's Anatomy' actor and the 46-year-old actress have filed legal documents to terminate...

17th February 2018 1:58

Tessa Thompson Doesn't Worry About Failing

Tessa Thompson isn't ''precious'' about failure.The 'Thor: Ragnarok' actress is incredibly ambitious and wants to try her hand at many aspects of the...

17th February 2018 5:58

Michael B Jordan Thought Career Was Over At 14

Michael B Jordan thought his career was over at 14. The 'Black Panther' actor was thrilled to land a role in season one of 'The Wire', alongside...

17th February 2018 5:58

Jason Isaacs Worried He'd Be Sent Abuse After Death Of Stalin Ban

Jason Isaacs feared he would be sent some ''radioactive tea'' in the post after 'Death of Stalin' was banned in Russia.The 54-year-old actor stars as...

17th February 2018 5:58

Chris Rock Rejected By Rihanna

Chris Rock was rejected by Rihanna after he tried to chat her up.The 53-year-old stand-up comedian revealed that he tried to chat up the 29-year-old...

17th February 2018 7:10

Katie Price's Driving Ban

Katie Price has been hit with a six-month driving ban.The 39-year-old reality TV star was reportedly caught breaking the 50mph speed limit near her...

17th February 2018 7:15

Liam Gallagher's No Yoga Star

Liam Gallagher once walked out of a yoga class after getting ''stuck'' in an awkward position.The former Oasis frontman - who wakes up in the early...

17th February 2018 7:59

Olivia Wilde To Make Directorial Debut

Olivia Wilde is set to make her directorial debut with 'Booksmart'. The 33-year-old actress took to Instagram to announce that she will go behind the...

17th February 2018 8:00

Solange Knowles To Receive Harvard Foundation 2018 Award

Solange Knowles will receive the Harvard Foundation 2018 Artist of the Year Award.The 31-year-old singer - who released her third studio album 'A...

17th February 2018 8:12

Joanna Lumley Praises Enchanting Meghan Markle

Joanna Lumley thinks Meghan Markle is ''enchanting''.The 71-year-old star has admitted to be being a huge fan of the former 'Suits' actress, and she...

17th February 2018 8:59

Susan Sarandon Blasts Corporate Hollywood

Susan Sarandon blames the ''corporate takeover'' of Hollywood for its discrimination issues. The 71-year-old actress believes that all of Hollywood's...

17th February 2018 9:58

Andy Serkis Loves Being In Intelligent Films

Andy Serkis thinks it's great to be part of ''intelligent films''.The 52-year-old actor is best known for his motion capture roles, such as Caesar in...

17th February 2018 9:58

Shirley Manson Heaps Praise On Dua Lipa And Charli Xcx

Shirley Manson has heaped praise on Charli XCX and Dua Lipa.The Garbage frontwoman was crowned an Icon at the NME Awards earlier in the week, where...

17th February 2018 9:59

Jamie Foxx Walks Out Of Interview After Katie Holmes Questions

Jamie Foxx walked out of an interview when he was asked about Katie Holmes.The 50-year-old actor and the 39-year-old actress have reportedly been in...

17th February 2018 10:12

Gabriel Byrne Says Liam Neeson Is Wrong About The Me Too Movement

Gabriel Byrne says Liam Neeson is wrong about the Me Too movement.Liam caused controversy recently when he declared that the wave of sexual...

17th February 2018 10:44

'No Evidence' Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Were Married?

There is ''no evidence'' Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were ever married.The couple revealed this week that they decided to go their separate...

17th February 2018 11:10

Liam Gallagher's Three Day Celebrations

Liam Gallagher spent three days celebrating his NME Awards win.The 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker picked up the Godlike Genius award at the NME Awards at...

17th February 2018 11:25

Kevin Feige Promises Female Superheroes Will Return To Marvel Cinematic Universe "Soon"

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most expansive and colourful places in the world of movies. Throughout the years, a number of compelling...

17th February 2018 12:48

'It: Chapter 2' Will Begin Filming In Toronto Later This Year

When Stephen King's 'IT' was first adapted for the screen in the form of a miniseries, Tim Curry took on the central role of the monstrous evil that...

17th February 2018 13:09

Maisie Williams Denies She's Doing Reshoots For 'New Mutants'

Based on the 'X-Men' spinoff comic series of the same name, upcoming release 'New Mutants' will be telling a story that's never before been seen on...

17th February 2018 13:26

Colton Haynes Returning As Roy Harper To 'Arrow'

The sixth season of 'Arrow' has for many fans of the CW superhero series been a return to the form that so many fell in love with during the show's...

17th February 2018 13:41

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Get Matching Tats?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reportedly gotten matching tattoos in tribute to their newborn daughter.The 20-year-old reality star and the...

17th February 2018 15:58

Blac Chyna To Design Baby Strollers?

Blac Chyna is gearing up to release her own line of baby strollers.The 29-year-old model - who has five-year-old son King Cairo with former partner...

17th February 2018 15:58

Eric Dane And Rebecca Gayheart Confirm Split

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have confirmed they are filing for divorce.The 'Grey's Anatomy' actor and the 46-year-old actress - who have two...

17th February 2018 15:58

Ed Sheeran Steals Anne-marie's Clothes

Anne-Marie has claimed Ed Sheeran steals her clothes.The 27-year-old musician enlisted the help of the 'Caio Adios' hitmaker for a string of tour...

17th February 2018 18:58

Lionel Richie Slams His Daughter's Romance As A 'Phase'

Lionel Richie thinks his daughter Sofia's romance with Scott Disick is a ''phase''.The 19-year-old model went public with her relationship with the...

17th February 2018 18:58

Jennifer Lawrence Wants To Get Young People Into Politics

Jennifer Lawrence wants to dedicate her time to getting young people involved in politics.The 27-year-old actress has claimed she will step back from...

17th February 2018 19:58

Liam Gallagher 'Never Got Around' To Meeting Eldest Daughter

Liam Gallagher has claimed he's ''never got around'' to meeting his daughter Molly.The 45-year-old rocker had his 20-year-old daughter after a fling...

17th February 2018 20:56

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux's Long Distance Strain

Jennifer Aniston's dislike for New York City contributed to her split from Justin Theroux.The 'Friends' actress and the 46-year-old actor confirmed...

17th February 2018 22:19

Amy Schumer Shares More Wedding Day Snaps

Amy Schumer has shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos from her wedding.The 38-year-old star tied the knot with chef Chris Fischer in Malibu...

17th February 2018 22:34

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