16th March 2019

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Demi Lovato Reflects On Sobriety On What Would Have Been Her 7th Sober Anniversary

Demi Lovato has reflected on what would have been her 7th year of sobriety.The 26-year-old singer suffered a near-fatal overdose in summer last year...

16th March 2019 1:01

Cole Sprouse Loves Spending 'Quality Time' With Lili Reinhart

Cole Sprouse loves spending ''quality time'' with his girlfriend Lili Reinhart.The 'Riverdale' actor has been romancing his co-star since July 2017,...

16th March 2019 1:01

Brian Austin Green Defends Not Posting A Luke Perry Tribute

Brian Austin Green has defended himself after fans slammed him for not posting about Luke Perry's death on social media. Luke, 52, passed away...

16th March 2019 6:52

Casey Batchelor Saw A Ghost Dressed In A Tennis Kit

Casey Batchelor once saw a ghost dressed in a tennis kit. The 34-year-old television personality feels she has a ''sixth sense'' and claimed that...

16th March 2019 7:01

Yungblud Pays Tribute To Felicite Tomlinson

Yungblud has paid tribute to Félicité Tomlinson.The 20-year-old singer/songwriter was a school friend of Louis Tomlinson's late sister, who passed...

16th March 2019 7:13

Saara Aalto's Homosexuality Opened New Doors

Saara Aalto thinks being a homosexual woman is ''easier'' for her because she doesn't fit the stereotype.The pop star - who is engaged to her talent...

16th March 2019 8:01

Ezra Miller Working On New The Flash Script

Ezra Miller is working on a ''darker'' script for 'The Flash' movie.The 26-year-old actor - who has already portrayed the comic book character in...

16th March 2019 8:01

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi ''always dreamed'' of being given a role where he gets ''paid'' to get in the best physical shape of his ''life''.The 38-year-old actor...

16th March 2019 8:01

Gabrielle Wants Fans To Vote On Her Setlist

Gabrielle wants fans to vote for which songs they want to hear. The 48-year-old singer thinks an online poll - as used by the Rolling Stones, who...

16th March 2019 8:01

Yungblud Called Mother For First Radio Play

Yungblud called his mother the first time he heard his music on American radio.The 20-year-old singer/songwriter could not believe that his music was...

16th March 2019 8:22

Lily Allen: The #Metoo Movement Has Not Made Big Enough Impact

Lily Allen thinks the #MeToo movement needs to make a bigger impact.The 33-year-old singer thinks people have brushed by the #MeToo movement and need...

16th March 2019 9:01

Haley Lu Richardson Turned Down Five Feet Apart

Haley Lu Richardson initially turned down 'Five Feet Apart'. The 24-year-old actress stars opposite 'Riverdale's Cole Sprouse in the new romantic...

16th March 2019 10:01

Alexander Skarsgard: Godzilla Vs. Kong Is 'Visually Extraordinary'

Alexander Skarsgard says 'Godzilla Vs. Kong' is ''visually extraordinary''.The 42-year-old actor stars in the upcoming monster head-to-head...

16th March 2019 10:01

Foals Were 'Rearing To Go' With Their New Album

Foals' Jack Bevan says the band were ''raring to go'' with their new album. The indie rock band recently dropped their first release since 2015,...

16th March 2019 10:01

Soulja Boy Released From Jail

Soulja Boy has been released from jail.The rapper - who is currently on probation from carrying a firearm or ammunition stemming from weapons...

16th March 2019 10:52

U2'S 10k A Night House Hunt

U2 are looking to rent four $10,000-a-night mansions for their upcoming Sydney, Australia shows.The quartet - Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam...

16th March 2019 11:13

Migos To Release New Album Next Year

A new Migos album will be released next year.Fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up to 2018's 'Culture II' and while the trio have all been...

16th March 2019 11:32

Bebe Rexha's Journey To Self-love

Bebe Rexha has been on a ''constant journey'' to self-love.The 'Say My Name' hitmaker has been trying to focus on herself and loving herself and her...

16th March 2019 17:07

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Are So Supportive

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are so supportive of each other.The 'On The Floor' hitmaker recently got engaged to the former baseball star and a...

16th March 2019 17:39

Chris Pratt 'Died And Went To Heaven' Meeting Garth Brooks

Chris Pratt ''died and went to heaven'' when he shared the stage with Garth Brooks.The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star was overwhelmed when he stepped...

16th March 2019 18:02

Eva Longoria Baston's Birthday Tears

Eva Longoria Baston ''cried'' over the lovely birthday messages she received.The 'Desperate Housewives' star has thanked her family, fans and friends...

16th March 2019 20:02

Chiwetel Ejiofor's Careful Choices

Chiwetel Ejiofor makes more ''careful choices'' now after experiencing the ''fragility of life''.The '12 Years A Slave' star tragically lost his...

16th March 2019 20:25

David Beckham's Kids Feared Letting Their Dad Down

David Beckham's children didn't want to let their father down when they decided they didn't want to become soccer players.His wife Victoria Beckham...

16th March 2019 20:41

Dream Kardashian Throws Birthday Party For Her Father Rob

Dream Kardashian threw a birthday party for her father Rob.The two-year-old helped plan a celebration for her dad Rob Kardashian as he celebrated his...

16th March 2019 23:13

Emilia Clarke's Anxiety Inducing Fame

Emilia Clarke finds it ''anxiety inducing'' being so well known.The 'Game of Thrones' star shot to international fame for her role as Queen Daenerys...

16th March 2019 23:27

Eva Mendes Uses White Noise Machine To Help Her Sleep

Eva Mendes uses a white noise machine to help her sleep.The 'Ghost Rider' star has always found it a ''struggle'' to rest but has found the solution...

16th March 2019 23:34

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