Alana Hadid insists she isn't in ''competition'' with her famous siblings.

The 33-year-old fashion designer's younger half-sisters, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and her half-brother Anwar are all successful models and though they work in the same industry, they are all ''supportive'' of one another.

She said: ''I'm not in competition with my sisters or brother.

''We all have an innate work ethic and I feel successful - I do a lot of things people perhaps don't know about, as do my sisters. Being famous is not being a success.

''We are really protective and supportive of each other.

''We love each other, we want to be close and we've never thought anything of each other apart from that we're brothers and sisters - that's why we remain so close.''

Alana believes fashion is ''in the genes'' of her family.

She said: ''My sister Marielle is in fashion and Gigi and Bella and my brother Anwar. It's in the genes.''

Away from the cameras, the siblings all lead a ''pretty normal'' life.

Alana said: ''Regardless of Gigi and Bella's fame, and how hard they've worked, we really are just sisters. We go shopping, we do a little cooking and we have a group chat. We do all the things that sisters do.''

And all the sisters love to swap clothes.

Alana told Grazia magazine: ''Gigi was wearing my [fashion] line just the other day.

''We swap clothes all the time - I was just in New York and I definitely borrowed some of Gigi's things.''