The owners of the 'Murder House' featured in the first season of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's 'American Horror Story' have brought a nightmare to the real world for the previous owners of the building, filing a lawsuit against those they bought the home off for damages up to $3 million. So what's exactly their problem? They claim they were never told the house was part of a television show, meaning that the attention it now gets is a life-changing surprise for the owners.

Ryan Murphy co-created the TV series alongside Brad FalchukRyan Murphy co-created the TV series alongside Brad Falchuk

Called the Rosenheim Mansion in real life, the house was purchased back in 2015 by Dr. Ernst R. von Schwarz and Pier Angela Oakenfold. Schwarz and Oakenfold have now filed a lawsuit against the previous owners, claiming that there was a breach of contract and "fradulent concealment". They're seeking damages up to $3 million, and filed the lawsuit in the Superior Court of California on February 7, 2018.

Part of the lawsuit reads: "Unbeknownst to the plaintiffs, and not disclosed by Defendants, hundreds of fans of the TV show would come to the property, trespass, attempt to break in, and created a significant nuisance not only for the Seller, but for the neighbors as well."

It also claims that there are some issues with the structure of the building which were never disclosed, such as "significant leaks, water intrusion and mold."

There's no denying the incredible passion of 'American Horror Story' fans. The series is heading into its eighth season this year off of the success it's seen, thanks to the rabid fan base. Because of its popularity, those fans are willing to go the distance to feel a part of the on screen magic they see.

One defence that the defendants may use in this case is that it would have been impossible not to have heard about the fame surrounding the house. And of course, it will be up to the plaintiffs to prove that they were never told of its notoriety. It's going to be an extremely interesting case to follow, and we'll be keeping a close eye on it.

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