Anne-Marie has admitted the thought of releasing her debut album in just over a month ''scares the s**t'' out of her.

The 'Caio Adios' hitmaker is set to drop her album 'Speak Your Mind' on April 27, and although she insists releasing a record is something she's ''always wanted'' to do, she can't help but feel ''nervous'' because of the ''expectation'' she's put on herself to put it out after working on it for five years.

She said: ''I've always wanted to release an album. I know it might not be the focus of some people's journeys right now as artists, but I grew up listening to albums on repeat.

''They're very important for me to hear everything that they're trying to say instead of just what's being played on the radio. I've always wanted to have this album out. So I'm pretty nervous right now, because, since I've started - I guess it's been five years - so i've been writing this album for five years, and that expectation scares the s**t out of me.''

The 26-year-old singer collaborated with her close pal Ed Sheeran to co-write the track '2002' for her upcoming album, and has recalled that working with the pop megastar was an ''inspiring'' time.

Speaking to Billboard's Pop Shop podcast, she said: ''This [song] is about a particular year in my life. It's very different for me.

''I feel like, when I got in the studio with Ed, he's literally incredible. I knew that he was really good at songwriting, but when I was in the studio, I was like, 'Wow you're so good.' ... He's inspiring, honestly.

''I feel like this is a very reminiscent song. And I love those songs - when I hear those songs, I feel like I remember memories that I wouldn't have remembered without that music. In this song, there's a lot of stuff that might make you remember times in your life.''