Frankie Grande has praised his sister Ariana Grande for showing the world that ''equality is important''.

The 36-year-old dancer has heaped praise on his sister for ''kicking a**'' in an industry that is ''very dominated by men'', as he says the 'God is a Woman' hitmaker is proving that ''women are amazing''.

He said: ''My sister is in an amazing industry that is very dominated by men and she's kicking ass. She's at the top of it and that's because she wants to show the world that equality is important and that women are amazing, and that was given to her by my mom [Joan Grande]. CEO of three companies, manufactures telecommunications for the Navy, Coast Guard and cruise ships.''

The 'Big Brother' alum said Ariana, 26, and their mother Joan are both ''strong, empowered women'', and he's proud of them for ''never backing down''.

He added to Us Weekly magazine: ''These are some strong, empowered women that are here to never back down and to never be quiet because a man told them so. Can you imagine? Oh, my God. Never. That's who we are. We're bred that way. It comes all the way from the top - from Nonna and Grandpa, all the way down to me.''

Recently, Ariana has teamed up with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey for the girl-power anthem 'Don't Call Me Angel', and also collaborated with Lizzo on a remake of the 31-year-old singer's hit 'Good as Hell', which promotes female empowerment.

In addition, the 'Thank U, Next' singer also shows off her strength by being open about her mental health struggles.

She recently wrote on social media after being forced to cancel a meet and greet in Belgium: ''Time for some honesty. My depression and anxiety have been at an all-time high lately. I have been giving you all I've got and trying to push through as hard as I can and mask it.

''I wish I had control over these [panic] attacks but as anybody with anxiety or depression understands, sometimes you can only operate on its terms and not your own.''