Bruce Sudano admits his biggest ''regret'' is that his late wife Donna Summer is no longer around to watch their children do so well in their lives.

On Wednesday (17.05.17) it was five years to the day since the legendary 'Queen of Disco' singer died from lung cancer 2012 aged 63, at the couple's home in Naples, Florida.

And her singer/songwriter widower Bruce admits the thing that upsets him most is that the 'I Feel Love' hitmaker is not by his side to share in the joy of the milestone achievements of their daughters Brooklyn, 36, and Amanda, 34, and her oldest child 44-year-old Mimi - her daughter with her first husband, Austrian actor Helmuth Sommer.

Bruce, 68, has expressed his pain in the song 'Coney Island Days', which features on his new album '21st Century World'.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I think the feelings of regret that I have now are the things that are happening that I wish she could see now - when there's another grandchild born and yesterday my daughter Brooklyn is on a big TV show called 'Taken' and yesterday she got word that it had been picked up for a second season - it's those kind of things that I wish Donna was here for.

''But for the 30-plus years that we were together we lived it to the full and had great experiences and raised three great kids, travelled the world and sang for kings and paupers, so it's all good.''

Bruce is very much the proud dad to all three girls and is delighted that they are all so content in their lives.

Speaking about their children, he added: ''Mimi is a mother of four, she's really happy there, and Brooklyn became an actress and Amanda is a singer (in a band called Johnnyswim) and that's all any parent can want for their kids is for them to be happy.

''They learned a lot from their mother ... we always told them to follow their dreams. They all are doing really well and are handling lives very well and I know their mother would be really proud of them.''

One tradition Bruce sticks to every year is marking the anniversary of Donna's death and this year he plans to go one step further by performing 'Beautiful History' - taken from 'Angels on a Carousel' album - live via social media.

He said: ''I talk to her all the time so it's not like I need to do anything beyond that but I actually was sitting here thinking ... this year I'm going to do a live version of it from my bedroom.''

To Bruce, Donna was the ''most talented, most gracious, generous and beautiful person'' and even little things like have a glass of soda remind him of her.

He explained: ''Whenever she would sing she would go on stage and have a coke but she would have her assistant put a straw in the drink and get all the bubbles out and I would always say, 'That's so funny.' And now I'm up there singing myself I'll decide to have a coke and all of a sudden I'll feel like a little bit of a burp coming on and I'll be like, 'Oh that's why she had all the bubbles taken out of her drink.' Even silly things like that I'm still learning and being reminded of her.''

Bruce's album '21st Century World' is out on June 2.