Devon Windsor didn't cut out carbs before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The 24-year-old model has admitted that unlike most of the stunning stars who walked the runway at the lingerie extravaganza on Thursday night (08.11.18) in New York City, she did not give up carbohydrates and still ate brown rice or whole wheat bread as the date loomed large.

Speaking to Vogue Australia, she said: ''Honestly, I do eat healthier. I eat a lot of protein, but I like carbs - good carbs because they keep you fuller for longer. I'll have brown rice or whole wheat bread. I like to keep that in my diet.''

The blonde beauty also revealed that she likes to enjoy a big breakfast to keep her going throughout her working day and she can't eat ''just a salad'' for lunch because she'd be hungry straight away.

She said: ''I like to eat a good breakfast to get me going and keep my energy up because it's a long day. And actually I just had lunch. I had zucchini, some rice, salmon and a kale salad. If I just ate a salad I'd be starving a minute later.''

Unlike Devon, fellow model Shanina Shaik only enjoys a strict diet of proteins and vegetables before the VS Show and she drinks hot water with lemon to boost her metabolism and complexion.

She said: ''Drinking hot water and lemon morning and at night helps with my metabolism, skin and digestion.

''My diet contains proteins - fish only as I'm pescatarian - and really clean salads and vegetables. Two weeks before the show I like to cut out carbs and sugar to stay lean and defined for the show.''