Halle Bailey's role in 'The Little Mermaid' is a ''dream come true''.

The 19-year-old singer-turned-actress has been cast as Ariel in the upcoming remake of the 1990 animated classic and she admitted she feels ''very honoured'' to have been selected for the high-profile role.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It means so much to me. I feel very honoured and really grateful for the opportunity.

''Ariel was one of my favourite princesses growing up so it's a dream come true. I'm very excited and happy.''

Halle's sister and Chloe x Halle bandmate is equally excited at the thought of seeing her younger sibling on the big screen.

Chloe, 22, gushed: ''My sister is so incredibly talented and I can't wait for the world to see what I see every single day.

''I am just so proud of her. It's going to be really good.''

Although Halle remained tight lipped on what viewers can expect to see in the new movie, she did admit that she can't wait to sing 'Part of your World' and thinks her new venture is going to be ''very amazing and beautiful''.

The teenager was also quizzed about who will be starring opposite her as Prince Eric but stayed evasive.

She laughed: ''Oh I don't know. I think that anyone would be great for it.''

Asked about speculation Idris Elba will be joining the movie, she simply said: ''I mean, he's awesome.''

Melissa McCarthy has been linked with the role of sea witch Ursula and recently admitted she is ''very interested'' int he part.

Asked about the role earlier this week, she smiled and winked then said: ''Who's Ursula? But am I interested? I'm very interested.''

Production on the film is expected to begin in early 2020.