Ego States are a four piece rock n roll band from West Yorkshire. It's been a whirlwind summer for George, Rhys, Robert and Ben, who've played gigs and festivals this Summer, and it's not looking to settle down any time soon.

George and Robert have known each other since they were kids, but it wasn't until they were 16 that they decided to take their passion for music to another level.

Ego StatesEgo States talk main stage gigs and new releases

"We got into music when we were about 15/16 when my Dad showed me some Beatles and Bowie tunes on guitar. 

It was a few years later when Ben and Rhys joined after searching for a lead guitarist and bass player for a years or so. 

Outside of the band we kick a football about now and again but we are mainly focus on writing new stuff or listening and discovering new music we can get inspired by."

Ego States have have played gigs and festivals all Summer and managed to fit in make new music along the way.

George says "this summer we've really been focusing on developing our sound further than our first 3 singles.

"There are aspects we like from them tracks but we feel we can give much more which should hopefully come across in our newer material. 

"In terms of gigs we've played a couple of Leeds gigs including the 02 academy which was an unbelievable night, earlier in the summer we played some gigs over in Liverpool, a stand out gig was at the Zanzibar. 

"Our headline gig at the Wardrobe in Leeds at the end of August was another top night. We've also been in the studio a lot, playing with new sounds and recording demos of our new material.

"Bingley was almost a taster of where the band can go, it was class being backstage with the likes of Jake Bugg and The Cribs who we've listened to growing up. Playing on the main stage was almost surreal, especially when our heads were on the big screens on either side of the stage."

And the madness isn't over just because the Summer is. Ego States have big gigs lined up throughout October and November, and new music on the way too.

"We've got a lot coming up later this year, we are playing Manchester in late October with This Feeling, as well as a Leeds date in November at The Lending Room. 

"Our next single has been recorded so it shouldn't be long before that arrives on the shores of Spotify and Apple music ect. 

"We want to get straight back in the studio as soon as we can as we have quite a few tunes we wanna get out so it's gonna be full steam ahead these next few months. We've also got a hometown gig in October which are always so fun to play."

So what's been the most exciting part of the journey for the boys so far? And how do they balance band commitments with those outside the band?

"The most exciting moment so far would have to be the night we found out we were playing on the main stage at bingley, we all just went our local pub after where all our mates were and everyone was buzzing.

"We aren't too bothered about commitments outside of the band because it comes before pretty much everything. You've gotta be 100% committed if you want to be successful."