Josh Whitehouse has landed a new starring role in 'The Happy Worker.'

The actor - who plays romantic aristocrat Lieutenant Hugh Armitage in 'Poldark' - has secured a leading part in the new blockbuster which will see him working alongside 'Spiderman 3' star Thomas Hayden Church, 'Star Trek's' Colm Meaney and 'Bring it On' actress Meagan Holder.

'Homeward Bound' filmmaker Duwayne Dunham will be directing the flick, with long-time collaborator David Lynch - whom he previously teamed up with for 1986's 'Blue Velvet' - taking on an executive producer role.

The pair have also worked together on the likes of 'Twin Peaks' and 'Wild At Heart'.

Production for the film has started, and the story will follow Josh's character Joe - who lives in a utopian community - as a hero who wants to please his wife Meagan and boss Hayden.

However, he unexpectedly finds himself thrust into a position of power by Clete, played by Colm, and must battle to save what him and others have spent years building.

Talking to Deadline, Duwayne said: ''It is not easy shooting in this rugged location, but in true John Ford-fashion we are braving the elements and capturing sweeping vistas on our mountain of red dirt in Utah.

''I am blessed with a marvellous cast and crew of 'happy workers' and could not be more pleased with the adventure of it all.''

According to producers the movie - based on S.E. Feinberg's play of the same name - will get a festival premiere screening, which will then be followed by a US theatrical release.