Leah Messer broke down in tears while speaking about her stint in rehab.

The 'Teen Mom 2' star - who has twins Aliannah and Aleeah, six, and three-year-old daughter Adalynn - got emotional while discussing her time in a treatment centre last summer.

Speaking on 'Steve Harvey', she told the host: ''I knew I was suffering from something. I didn't know what it was. I just knew that I was suffering and I needed help.''

Leah's tough decision to seek help was featured on the sixth series of MTV show 'Teen Mom 2', and she has admitted it was a ''stressful'' and ''painful'' time in her life.

She said: ''Not even six months ago I probably never would've seen what I see now ... in terms of how stressful it was, and painful.''

But the star is glad she is now able to learn from her experiences.

Leah added: ''Doing it the right way and being able to have that platform to teach girls to do it the right way, that's what matters to me.''

The 23-year-old blonde - who is from a small town outside of Charleston, West Virginia - admitted she had reservations about going to rehab at first because she didn't get full support from all of her family and friends.

She said: ''It took me quite some time to know whether I was gonna go or not.

''I'm from West Virginia, and everyone that I was around didn't quite support me going away. They didn't think it was good.''

When the former cheerleader's decision about rehab was airing on 'Teen Mom 2' last year she was also going through a divorce from ex-husband Corey Simms, the father of her twins Aliannah and Aleeah.

Last month, Leah found out Corey had won primary custody of their daughters in the final moments of a 'Teen Mom 2' episode.

He said at the time: ''This is what's gonna build [the twins] to be a mature adult that's gonna succeed in life, that's gonna go places. I want them to talk about college ... I'm tickled pink that it happened.''

She told a pal: ''I just have a lot of fear of the future and what it holds.''