Lewis Capaldi would tell Kanye West to ''release new music and tweet less''.

The rising 22-year-old Scottish star was asked what the first thing he would say to the 41-year-old rapper would be, and he says he'd offer the outspoken star the advice to leave his controversial thoughts off Twitter and focus on writing new music - despite the rapper producing five albums in 2018.

The 'Grace' hitmaker, who is clearly a huge fan of the 'Stronger' hitmaker's music, told the new issue of GQ Magazine he would tell Kanye: ''Can you release more music and tweet less please?''

The 'Gold Digger' rapper often takes to the micro-blogging to leave his brand dumps on politics, hip-hop and the odd beef with his rivals, including most recently Drake.

Meanwhile, Lewis also revealed that the first song he penned featured a line about Robbie Williams going ''insane'' after speaking about UFOs.

He shared: ''It was called ''The Show Must Go On'' and it was basically me as an 11-year-old trying to comment on stuff like the credit crunch. It was awful. I still remember it in it's entirety to this day, one of the lines was 'The economy is going down the drain and Robbie Williams has gone insane.' I think it was because he was going on about UFOs at the time. Very, very bad.''

The BRITS Critics' Choice nominee also admitted that it wasn't until his sold-out show in Glasgow at King Tuts, two years ago, that he realised he'd made it.

He told the publication: ''I think when I sold out King Tuts in Glasgow in January of 2017. It was me just being like, 'Either these people all have horrible taste in music or I must be OK.' That's still up for debate I suppose.''

And Lewis spent his first paycheque for music in the pub he played at.

He said: ''When I was like 17 or 18 and didn't really have anything I needed to buy, we would do these pub gigs for some cash and would usually just spend our wage back in the pub immediately after.''