Lily-Rose Depp is happy for people to think she's ''boring''.

The 20-year-old actress was told by her famous parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis to value her privacy and so she'd rather give the impression she's dull than give away too much about herself.

She told The Face magazine: ''I grew up with a notion of privacy that was very particular, just because of the situation that I grew up in.

''But I've always been taught that privacy is something you should value and keep as much for yourself as possible...I would rather people think I'm boring than people know too much about my life. I'll be boring any day.''

The 'Yoga Hosers' star would rather be thought of as ''smart'' and ''kind'' than ''beautiful'' and wants to focus on the person she is, but she has ''tons'' of insecurities that get to her.

She said: ''As I've gotten older, I'm trying to focus more on who I am, and like, cultivating my brain and my knowledge. Being a smart person and a kind person is more important than being a beautiful person...But I mean, like I said, I'm 20. Obviously, I have tons of insecurities, just like everybody else.

Although she may feel insecure, Lily-Rose doesn't get nervous about stripping on camera because she doesn't think there is anything ''shameful'' about nudity.

She said: ''I'm not nervous about stuff like that. I grew up being, like, topless on the beach. I was raised by a French mother who taught me that there was nothing shameful about your body.''

Lily-Rose recently admitted she felt ''intimidated'' working with Timothee Chalamet on their movie 'The King'.

She said: ''It's always exciting to work with somebody who you know has given themselves so wholeheartedly to their role and is so invested.

''It can be nerve-wracking to work with people whose talent you admire so much, but hopefully it can only make things better...

''It can be intimidating. But I think you can take it like that, or like, 'How lucky am I to be working with so many people who are so great at what they do, and hopefully I can learn from them.' ''