Lottie Moss admits living with Frankie Gaff was ''not the best idea''.

The 20-year-old model - who is the younger half-sister of British fashion icon Kate Moss - has confirmed on her Instagram story, using the new Ask Me Anything feature, that she and the 24-year-old 'Made in Chelsea' star are no longer living together, but she says they remain good pals.

Asked by a fan why the duo were not living together, the blonde beauty replied: ''Me and Frankie are still friends we are just very different people, so we decided living together was probably not the best idea! We are however still friends!''

The pair moved in together in 2017 and seemed to be getting on well, but they have been notably absent from each other's social media in recent times.

Frankie found fame on 'Made in Chelsea' before she quit the cast in March.

By contrast, Lottie previously confessed she had no desire to ever appear on a reality show, insisting she values her privacy too much.

She said: ''It's not for me. I quite like having a private life. I don't like everything being on TV.''

Meanwhile, Lottie revealed in April that she has questioned whether she's only successful because of her half-sister, Kate.

The model - who was discovered at 16 and signed to the same agency as her sibling - has been hit by criticism that she has only got jobs because of her surname.

Lottie said: ''I've had moments when I've thought I'm not pretty enough and that I'm only here because of Kate.

''Maybe I did only get it because of Kate but at least I'm doing something with it. And my agency has told me that, no matter whose sister you are, you still have to be good at modelling.''