Michael B. Jordan is hopeful he'll one day be able to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though his 'Black Panther' character Erik Killmonger looked to be a thing of the past once the film had reached its epic conclusion, that's never stopped filmmakers bringing fan-favourites back. Jordan certainly made a brilliant impression on audiences, despite playing the villain, so nobody would be too upset to hear he'd be making a comeback.

Could we see Michael B. Jordan back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?Could we see Michael B. Jordan back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

When 'Black Panther' came to an end, Killmonger had asked T'Challa, aka the titular hero (Chadwick Boseman) to let him die after being stabbed in the chest. It was a request that T'Challa granted, so seeing Killmonger return would be quite a shock. Writers would have to do something special to explain the character's revival, or even go back in time.

Speaking with MTV, the actor was asked about potentially returning to the MCU, to which he replied: "I mean, I'm a fan, as you said, of Marvel, of comic books, everybody knows that. So I mean if there was ever an opportunity for me to come back and like join this universe and work with like Joe Russo, Kevin Feige, Victoria [Alonso], and everyone over there at Marvel, re-team with Ryan [Coogler] you know, of course I would."

Following the events of 'Avengers: Infinity War', and with all of the Infinity Stones currently residing in Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet, there are plenty of opportunities for time and space to be meddled with, which could in turn see Killmonger make his way out of his grave.

That's assuming T'Challa really did let the villain die in 'Black Panther'. There's every possibility that secret plans were at play to ensure Killmonger actually survived his wounds, which would leave the door open for a return! Whatever the case may be, we hope we see some more of Jordan in the MCU in the future.

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