Patrick Ta uses ICONIC's new Brow Silk to achieve Gigi and Bella Hadid's minimalist brow look.

The model sisters are known for their arches, and now, celebrity make-up artist Patrick Ta - who is also behind the brows of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Ariana Grande, the Kardashians - has said he uses the new ICONIC Brow Silk to achieve the flawless looks.

The new product - which is the first of its kind - takes an old Hollywood trick of using soap to set brows in place, but instead uses a unique balm-like texture that combines the benefits of brow soaps and gels.

Speaking about the product in a press release, Patrick said: ''I think what's really cool is that there is a conditioning benefit in the Brow Silk that no others on the market have meaning this product ensures your brows stay soft and luscious while using the product and even once it's removed!''

The make-up artist says the best way to apply the product - which is designed to give plumped up, lifted and naturally fluffy-looking brows - is to pre-fill the brows where needed and then apply Brow Silk on top.

He said: ''My favourite way to use the Brow Silk is to pre fill in the eyebrows where needed coverage may be then wet the product with a spray of your choice, take a brow comb lightly coat the product and brush through the brows brushing up and out to create the perfect shape, I then take the back of the brush and push the product into the brows to set the Brow Silk.''

And Patrick loves ICONIC's Brow Silk because it doesn't ''transfer'' in the same way the old soap trick might.

He added: ''Soap has a tendency to pick up and move product that has been applied underneath and can sometimes cast a grey shadow above the brow from product transfer. With Brow Silk there's no more of that! Set it and totally forget it! I love the finish of the product because it doesn't cast a sheen as a traditional soap would do, better yet it keeps it very natural looking!''

ICONIC's Brow Silk launches worldwide on Friday (28.06.19) and is available to buy at