Tristan Corrigan, Oscar Shackleton and Theo Fieldhouse make up the three parts of Regiment - an up and coming alternative rock band. The bandmates have been best friends since high school, and started to rehearse at the young age of 12 and 13. Main vocalist, Tristan, says that the chemistry is natural.

Regiment live at Leeds O2Regiment live at Leeds O2

"One part of why we work so well together is due to us being best friends - that's the kind of chemistry you need within a band."

The lads have already celebrated some big achievements. They have played venues such as Leeds O2 Academy, Manchester Academy and Sheffield Academy. Their newest music video just hit 4,000 streams on Spotify, which Tristan says is an amazing feeling.

"We plan to take a gap year after college and put all of our effort into the band - this being working within our newly built studio and making some brand new singles for our audience!" says Tristan. 

From this, they plan to release more music videos as well as working with Spotify playlist curators to expose their music to a wider audience. And of course, play more gigs, including a UK tour beginning September 2019.

Tristan says: "We are all very open to different genres of music, we love to listen to genres such as classical right the way through to metal.

I think it is key within a band to be able to accept that your sound will develop and changing - accepting this allows you to enjoy different types of genres. 

"We take massive inspiration from bands such as Muse, Black Peaks and Rage Against the Machine. But we also enjoy and take influence from artists such as Rex Orange County and Arctic Monkeys."

With alternative rock becoming more and more popular, it can be hard for new bands and artists in this genre to make it to the top. Tristan explained some of the difficulties in trying to break the industry.

"I think a massive part of being successful within the music industry is being persistent, we go through ups and downs, like everyone does. Some difficulties within the band is getting through to Promoters and Venues as well as other artists.

"At the end of the day it does come down to who you know! As a band we put a lot of effort into networking with local bands and making sure that we contact the right people to make sure we succeed with our music.

Regiment in the studio Regiment in the studio

"Along with this is exposing your music, it is difficult for musicians to expose their music to a wider fan base as there is so much music out there now. A massive help has been

BBC Introducing for us, they have played our music on there a lot which has helped us to gain an audience."

So where do the band see themselves in 5 years time? Tristan says he would love their music to be listened by a huge audience and simply, the opportunity to play more gigs.

"We hope to have grown our audience and introduced our music to new people. We would love to be able to tour and play festivals to new people!

"That is our dream really! We will forever be working on our dream as a band and trying to make it a reality."

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