Ryan Murphy is undoubtedly one of the most successful showrunners of the modern day. Creating shows such as 'Nip/Tuck', 'Glee', and 'Feud' throughout the years, his content has sparked up incredible discussions surrounding social issues, and moments of the past. Then of course, there's also the sensational stuff that's just downright entertaining.

Ryan Murphy has opened up about the fall of his series 'Glee'Ryan Murphy has opened up about the fall of his series 'Glee'

With 'Glee', there was plenty of opportunity to not only throw back to some of the most iconic songs of the past, but also create a buzz around topics such as coming out as gay, surviving high school life, and dealing with mental health issues.

Unfortunately for the show, after its first couple of seasons, the quality seemed to wane, and critics began to take shots.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about the success that surrounded 'Glee' in its earlier days, before it got panned by the masses in later seasons, Murphy explained: "My favourite seasons of Glee were 1 and 2. We really created them in a bubble, and we didn't care what other people thought, and we made it for us. And then what happened with me is, the show became a phenomenon."

He continued: "It was the first time ever that I got sucked into that fan social media stuff. Then, you would read about who people would like, and I think that I lost my way a little bit."

Fortunately, the showrunner thinks he's learned from the mistakes of his past, and has used all of the experience on shows such as 'Glee' to ensure his current series, including 'American Crime Story', 'American Horror Story', and new show 'Pose' will remain relevant for as long as they go on.

Murphy also recently signed a $300 million deal with Netflix, to create original content for the streaming service. Nothing official has been announced as to what shows will be coming to the platform from Murphy, but we imagine there are plenty of ideas and projects swirling around behind-the-scenes.

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We'll bring you more news from Ryan Murphy's shows as and when we get it.