Suri Cruise has been reunited with her lost dog.

The eight year old - the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - was devastated when her new Chihuahua, Honey, disappeared in Beverly Hills earlier this month and offered a $1,000 reward, but was delighted when her puppy was found safe and well on Wednesday (27.08.14).

Sources at Lucky Puppy Rescue told gossip website that they amped up their search after two people reported seeing the tan coloured dog earlier this week. They eventually found Honey not far from where she disappeared in Benedict Canyon two days ago.

The dog, whose identity was confirmed via her microchip, was examined by a vet and is in good health.

It is not known who will receive the reward.

Suri and Katie, 35, were visiting a friend when her four-legged friend ran out of the front gate.

Houses in the area were told about the dog's disappearance and 50 reward posters were erected in a desperate attempt to find the youngster's one-year-old pet.

Katie and Suri, who recently moved to Calabasas, California from New York City, are said to have adopted Honey, who also still answers to her previous name, Maple, from a local pet sanctuary recently.