It is a fact that music constantly surrounds us. Whether we like it or not. Everything musical, from the jingle of a radio advertisement to a pop song during a concert, has been carefully crafted to fit its own purpose. Music can have a huge effect on us in ways we might not even perceive. It's no different when it comes to music for online casino games, but just how much influence does music play in a slot game? Here is a brief overview of the science and relationship between music and online games.

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The Influence of Music

Music plays a fundamental role in any culture. Whether it is the tribal rhythms of traditional Aboriginal music, or the intricate air of a classical music concert in Paris, one cannot deny the importance of music to motivate, relax or inspire. Even science has long studied the effects of music on our brains: it can make us work better, happier and reduce stress.

Music can alter the way we perceive an environment and can affect the amount of time we would like to stay in a place. Most cafés tend to offer relaxing music, making consumers more likely to enjoy their drink in a quiet environment. If the same café was very noisy and loud, it would completely change the atmosphere in a counterproductive way. Obviously, the perception of an environment due to the sound factor may vary depending on an individual's taste of music.

Music and Online Games

These approaches have also been applied to online casino music. Online casino's, especially secure sites with UK gambling license, want bettors to play for as long as possible, which means making the music and sound both engaging and appealing. Sparkling and captivating high-energy music, which players may not want to hear normally, may encourage them to keep playing and have more fun, thanks to its uplifting nature.

With the development of online casinos, slots have regained their popularity of the past. Now, we have slots and games based on important artists and music events, cultural icons and franchised films. Music plays an important role in helping our association with icons, as well as being a sign of authenticity and quality. For example, there are online slots based on Guns N' Roses or Batman, whereas one would expect, there are the classic songs and themes utilised plus any other related sound effects.

Without the above, games seem less authentic and perhaps even without quality. Interestingly, this is exactly what a study by Mark Griffiths and Jonathan Parker found, psychologists at Nottingham Trent University. Their observation underlined four key points regarding the music of a slot machine and the relationship with its gaming experience.

The Sound of Victory

The distinctive character, familiarity and quality of a game are all important factors in the general experience of a player. However, the most interesting and crucial aspect for software developers and casino providers is the "Sound of Victory". This is a particular piece of music, such as a rock anthem, which can transmit a victory signal to the player and to those nearby. It also helps to increase the self-esteem of the person playing. This isn't the just case with online casino games, but with video games in general.

The sound of victory, in turn, encourages players to continue to play. It is also the reason why there is no music associated with defeat in online casino games. Often riffs or melodies are used to reinforce positive feelings, so whenever players listen to these melodies, they immediately feel more positively while are playing.