Tom Grennan has admitted it still feels ''pretty mad'' to have Sir Elton John as a fan.

The 'Sober' singer can't quite get his head around the 'Rocket Man' legend ''appreciating'' his music, but explained while it is a huge deal he is trying to stay grounded.

Appearing on online music TV show 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV', he said: ''It's pretty mad. I'm just a boy from Bedford who grew up in a normal life. So it's humbling and unusual. Especially Elton John.

''My mum's a massive fan, I'm a massive fan. So when he is saying and appreciating what I'm doing, it's pretty mad. It's cool, though. I'm taking it in my stride, I'm like yes! I'm here! And I'm staying!''

The 23-year-old musician - who released his debut album 'Lighting Matches' on July 6 - is still getting to grips with his new life in the spotlight, and he nearly suffered an etiquette mishap at a star-studded bash.

Tom revealed: ''I got invited to Stella McCarney's party and David Grohl was there. So I was like, I've got to say hello, thinking he was gonna say 'sound, in a bit' but we spoke for half an hour.

''It was me, Dave and Pat [Smear] and this lady was standing there, we were all chatting. I was so close to saying, 'would you take a photo of us' 'cos I didn't know who she was, but just before I was going to do that, my mate saw me going for my phone and stopped me, luckily.

''It was Stella Mccartney! If I had asked her to take a picture, I would have been thrown out of the party.''

Tom's full interview with Gordon Smart for 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV' can be viewed online: