Tristan Thompson reportedly missed Christmas Day with True because of his basketball schedule.

The 27-year-old sports star wasn't able to see his eight-month-old daughter open her presents as he didn't have ''a lot of flexibility'' to travel to Los Angeles from Cleveland, due to having a number of games around the festive season.

Whilst Khloe, 34, wanted to spend the special time of year with her family, especially their famous Christmas Eve party.

An insider told E! News: ''Khloe wanted to be in L.A. with her family for Christmas.

''There was nothing more special than seeing True with her cousins on Christmas morning.

''There was no way she was going to miss the family Christmas Eve party and being a part of opening presents all together on Christmas morning.

''She loves her family traditions and wants to continue them with True.

''She was so happy to be with True and her family on Christmas. That was all she wanted.''

And the 'Revenge Body' star said this year was her ''favourite'' yet because of her little girl.

She gushed alongside a picture of her wearing a matching snow outfit to the tot: ''I have always looked forward to our annual Christmas Eve party but this year was hands down my favorite!!

''True, you make everything so much more precious and memorable!! (sic)''

Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan - who spent Thanksgiving with True and Khloe in Cleveland earlier this month - was caught on camera getting close to another woman just days before Khloe gave birth to their daughter in April, and whilst the couple have worked through their issues, the reality star's famous family are said to still be getting to grips with Tristan's actions.

A source said recently: ''Everyone is trying to be civil and nice since Khloé wants them to. Khloé just wants to be supported in the decisions that she makes regarding Tristan.

''She always understood that her family was very upset and defensive after he cheated. That situation was such a nightmare for Khloé at a time that should have been her happiest.''

Khloe recently admitted that Tristan's actions were ''f***ed up and disgusting'', but insisted they've worked through their issues with ''countless hours of help''.

When one fan said they were confused by Khloe's position on Tristan's scandal during Sunday's (25.11.18) episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians', Khloe tweeted: ''What he did was f***ed up and disgusting. What you're watching is over seven months old. We have gone through countless hours of help.''