Nick Cannon hopes his twins have as much fun with him as they do on tour with their mother Mariah Carey.

The 'Wild 'N Out' star was excited to be picking up eight-year-old Moroccan and Monroe after a stint on the road with his ex-wife but he admitted he can't match ''the hype'' of her glamorous tour lifestyle.

Speaking backstage at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''The twins have been on tour all summer with their mom. They landed today, so I'm literally leaving here to go pick them up.

''No, [I can't live up to the hype]. But they want to play Roadblocks, they want to eat Doritos and they can do that with Daddy.''

And the 38-year-old star - who also has a two-year-old son, Golden - is also planning to take his brood to his own gigs at the weekend.

He said: ''Hanging out with dad.''

Nick picked up the award for Best Host for his work on 'Wild 'N Out' and was nominated in the same category for 'The Masked Singer' and while he's happy to take on the work that comes his way, he wants to build on his success to help others.

He said: ''They always say I'm a hustler, man. I always have that mentality -- you have to keep cooking while the pot is hot!''

''They keep giving me jobs and I keep creating. That's what it is. I keep trying to create opportunities for our community and for our people, so I'm at that mindset. I love hosting and all that, but I want to create platforms.''

And the former 'American Idol' presenter is planning even more for 'Wild 'N Out'.

He said: ''We're going to do 300 episodes by this time next year, so it's crazy! Tours, restaurants, barbershops -- it's crazy.''