The rapper, actor and comedian wed Mariah in 2008, but the couple later split in 2014, with their divorce finalised last year (16). However, Nick shares that he and Mariah put their differences aside when it comes to co-parenting their five-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

"It's all about love," the former America's Got Talent host said in an interview with Amazon's Style Code Live. "It's all rooted in love. You put the kids first, but then when you understand that you have unconditional love for these human beings and you want the best existence for them, then you put whatever differences you may have had aside."

The 36-year-old, who wore a turban with the word 'Dad' on it during the interview on Thursday (16Feb17), called his children his "two little munchkins" and said being a father is "the number one priority."

However, he said he related to Moroccan and Monroe's "unorthodox" upbringing now he and Mariah are no longer a couple, as he was mostly raised by his paternal grandfather.

"You don't get to see Daddy every single day, whether he's working, whether he's travelling, whether he's in the military, whatever it is, but to understand that Daddy's presence is felt every single day," Nick explained. "Whether it's FaceTime, whether it's phone calls and then you know, the weekends, we tear up Chuck E. Cheese."

Last November (16), Nick revealed that he is to become a father again, as his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell is pregnant.