Nick Grimshaw didn't think David Bowie was ''real'' when he was younger.

The 32-year-old radio presenter has admitted that as a child he thought the late 'Space Oddity' hitmaker - who tragically passed away in January 2016 aged 69 after suffering from liver cancer - was too ''mysterious and magical'' to be real, and thought the star was simply playing a character.

He said: ''I didn't think David Bowie was real when I was little because he was so attractive and mysterious and magical. I thought it was a character.''

The former 'X Factor' judge soon learned the truth about the 'Heroes' musician, and recently attended an auction for some of the late star's personal artefacts, where he picked up his Designer de Lucchi's Continental side table for a cool £6,671.17.

Speaking about his purchase, Nick said: ''I bought David Bowie's bedside table at an auction - my mum hates it. It's different colours, plastic and metal but it looks good I think. She's like, 'It's disgusting.'

''When it got delivered. me and my friend cried. It felt like a real, weird moment having something from his house in my house. It freaked me out a little bit.''

And Nick isn't bothered about keeping his expensive table clean, as he thinks David himself would make good use out of the household item.

He said: ''It is pristine at the moment but I feel like David Bowie would use it. I can't imagine him being all grouchy like 'Don't touch my table'. There's no point in having it unless you're going to use it, so I think I'm going to.''

Although he's pleased with his purchase, Nick also admits he felt ''really emotional'' when he attended the Sotheby's auction.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It was a really emotional day. I didn't know if it was a bit creepy buying his things but when the table arrived in the house it felt positive.''