Nick Grimshaw has moved in with Meshach Henry.

The BBC Radio 1 presenter has been dating the dancer for a little under the year and they are now reportedly living together in Nick's London home.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''Nick is the happiest he has ever been and Mesh is a massive part of that. They were spending all of their time together, with Mesh always staying over, so it made complete sense for them to move in together. Nick asked him to come and live with him and it's all gone really well. Their jobs aren't regular nine to fives so they can spend a lot of time together in the week. They are really smitten and Nick's family and friends love Mesh. He even went to Nick's mum's birthday celebrations at the weekend.''

When Nick quit the breakfast show for the drivetime slot after six years, he was hoping it would have a positive effect on his love life.

He said: ''I think I will have more time to put my life first. I have committed to this show, especially the last year, and I have put my head down. But now I can go for dates with people and the new show will help. I have been trying to date people, but you don't want to 'day date' and even two weeks ago, I went on a date and then he said, 'Do you want to go to the cinema, it's at 8.20pm?' And I was thinking, '8.20, arrggh the film won't start until like ten-to-nine so it won't finish before 11' so home and asleep at midnight and that is if I fall asleep straight away ... It does send you a bit mad and sort of becomes your life, because everything you are watching and consuming each day you are trying to produce content for the next morning, because you can't do it before 5am.''