Nick Grimshaw is ''in love'' with Chris Pratt.

The 32-year-old DJ was unprepared for how flustered her felt when the hunky 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star was a guest on his breakfast show recently and admits he felt ''intensely'' star-struck by the actor.

Asked if he ever gets star-struck, he said: ''We had Chris Pratt on recently and it was quite intense.

''When he came in, I thought, 'Oh my God, he's really gorgeous, he's such a movie star.'

''And I played the same song twice and it went to s**t.

''I never thought about being in love with Chris Pratt until I met him.''

Though Nick won't shy away from probing questions, he admits he often feels reluctant ask stars about their personal lives if he is a fan.

He said: ''I wanted to ask Orlando Bloom about his break-up with Katy Perry but I really like Orlando and I really like Katy - if I didn't like them I would probably just ask it.

''I think they're funny, good at their jobs and don't take themselves too seriously.

''I kept seeing he had Katy's dog on Instagram and wanted to know, so I asked it in a roundabout way about the dogs.''

The chatty star admitted he finds it hard not to talk about his celebrity friends on his show, so when he had lunch with Cheryl Tweedy during her pregnancy, he refused to ask his pal about her and Liam Payne's baby - who was born in March and is named Bear - in case he accidentally spilled the beans.

He told heat magazine: ''When Cheryl was pregnant, me and my friend Amy had lunch with her and I didn't ask her too much, because I can't not say what she's told me on the radio.

''So I was like, 'Everything OK?' and avoided saying stuff like, 'When's it due?' She probably thought, 'He is so into himself.'

''I didn't want to ask [what she was going to call him]. I never want to say much about Cheryl because I really like her and everything I say about her gets turned into a story.

''I like the name Bear though. I'd really like it for my baby's name but I can't now.''