Nick Jonas was groped by a fan in Los Angeles this week.

The Jonas Brothers singer was performing on stage with his siblings Joe and Kevin as part of the group's 'Happiness Begins' tour at the Hollywood Bowl in Southern California on October 21 when an audience member squeezed his butt.

The incident, which saw the woman stroke the 27-year-old hunk's leg before she edged her way up to his bottom, was caught on camera by a fan and shared online.

An eyewitness wrote on social media: ''cant believe I have just watched a video of Nick Jonas getting groped on stage by a fan

''Security was batting her hands away but the thing that stopped her?

''Nick batting her hand away from the inside of his thigh and then turning round and glaring at her. How can people think this is acceptable behaviour. If that was me stood next to that girl I'd have batting her hands away myself too. (sic)''

Another fan wrote: ''How can anyone think that behaviour is ok. People like her are why celebrities like them need a whole security team with them.''

Despite one fan getting a little too close for comfort, Nick - who is married to Priyanka Chopra - had clearly put it to the back of his mind as he took to his social networking sites shortly after the gig had finished to thank those who had attended.

He said: ''Hollywood Bowl night 2. Thank you to every single one of you who made these two sold out nights so incredible. I am so grateful.''

That wasn't the first time an incident like that has happened at that venue, as exactly two years ago Harry Styles was inappropriately groped by a concert-goer when he was performing at the 'We Can Survive' concert to benefit breast cancer awareness.