Nick Nolte signed up for pal Marlon Brando's final acting classes but quit when he realised he was expected to share his knowledge with a roomful of peers and homeless people. The late movie icon set up a series of master classes to rival US TV show INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO, and he invited Nolte, Sean Penn and Harry Dean Stanton, among others, to join him. But Nolte soon realised the project, dubbed LYING FOR A LIVING, was too bizarre for him and he made his excuses and left. He says, "We went down there and it was a bunch of us and we were sitting in chairs and Marlon was looking at us, and he said, 'This is great.' He had a few homeless people and a few drama students. "He came back (onstage) and he was in pyjamas... and he took out a little mirror and lipstick and he was putting on lipstick. "Marlon finished and he asked for some mascara and nobody had any... so Marlon said, 'Now that I've made a fool out of myself we can begin... There's going be nobody watching here, everybody has to participate.' "Sean (Penn) and I looked at each other: 'We don't wanna work.' "He (Brando) finished the first half and he said, 'We'll take a break. The second half will be taught by either Nick Nolte or EDDIE OLMOS (actor Edward James Olmos).' "I said, 'Marlon, I have two very important meetings I have to get to...' I got outta there and I never went back."