Nicki Minaj thinks Tyga is the ''hottest rapper in the world'' right now.

The 36-year-old hip-hop star made the claim during a conversation with Soulja Boy on Queen Radio, saying she thinks that, objectively, Tyga is currently the ''hottest'' star in the genre.

She explained: ''We not label mates no more, we had beef at one point over 'Truffle Butter'.

''But over time, you just realise how stupid s**t is. Shout-out to Tyga. Are you the hottest rapper in the world?''

Soulja Boy replied: ''Not even rapper, I'm the hottest, period. Been trending, I conquered.''

Nicki subsequently admitted to admiring the rapper's honesty - but also claimed that there's a double standard in how Soulja Boy's statement would be received.

The 'Anaconda' hitmaker insisted it's tough for her to say what she really feels about the music industry and other artists.

She explained: ''I want to say that if I was to go on a radio station and say the things you said, I would be labelled as angry.

''If I said b***hes copied my formula ... artists are no longer themselves.

''I remember artists were so carefree and fun and they'd leave comments, and now everyone is politically correct. They just want to make sure they're not getting dissed on the blogs.

''Thank you for saying what you want to say. It's never time for a black woman to say what she feel. That goes to back in the day. You're a likeable guy. You always have been.''