A man arrested in connection with the theft of computers from Nicolas Cage's former lover will not be charged, according to a U.S. report.

Darwin Vela was suspected of teaming up with Ricardo Orozco and approaching representatives for Charlie Sheen earlier this year (13) with details of the whereabouts of a sex tape belonging to the Platoon actor.

Orozco was subsequently charged with stealing four computers, one allegedly containing the film, from the home of Cage's ex-lover Christine Fulton after cops learned he had worked as her handyman.

Vela had originally been recruited to give evidence against Orozco during a preliminary court hearing in Los Angeles last month (Nov13).

But in a strange turn of events, Vela went missing two days before he was due in court, only to resurface days later, claiming he had been kidnapped.

Police launched an investigation into his disappearance and later arrested and charged Vela and his girlfriend, Kelly MCLaren, with breaking into Fulton's home.

However, according to editors at Tmz.com, Vela and MCLaren no longer face charges.