Nicolas Cage has admitted he can be ''self-destructive'' if he doesn't have work to focus on.

The 'Ghost Rider' actor candidly opened up about the reasons he works as hard as he does, and revealed that having a ''routine'' is enough to stop him drinking too much alcohol.

Speaking to NME, he said: ''I have multiple reasons for wanting to work. One of them is, to be blatantly honest, I can be a little self- destructive if I'm not focused on my job.

''I like the structure of work. It's the difference between maybe having one bottle of wine versus two bottles of wine. So there is a routine and a structure to it.''

The 54-year-old star - who has appeared in the likes of 'Kick-Ass' and 'The Rock' - also explained the diversity in his projects, explaining that he has to take on more lucrative films in order to ''pay the bills''.

He added: ''I have had to deal with mistakes of the past and I have had to dig myself up and out of a rabbit hole financially, but had to find movies that work for me in terms of performance but also like anybody else pay the bills. It is a job after all.''

Meanwhile, Nicolas - who stars in upcoming horror flick 'Mom and Dad' - also put his productive work life to simply having fun making films, and trying to continuously improve his craft.

He explained: ''And I enjoy it. I like to make movies. I enjoy performing. I like the power of film and performance and I like practicing.

''It's kept me in touch with my craft and I feel I'm better now than I have ever been. I've got my emotions at my fingertips and I've got my process down.''