Nicolas Cage has been announced as a talent ambassador for The International Film Festival & Awards in Macau.

The Hollywood star will attend the festival's opening ceremony on December 8 and his supernatural thriller movie 'Mandy' will also be screened during the event.

Mike Goodridge, the artistic director of the International Film Festival & Awards, said: ''Nicolas Cage is a brilliant, iconic actor and a star for the ages. We are proud and delighted to welcome him to Macau this year as our talent ambassador, and to show his extraordinary new film 'Mandy'.''

The Academy Award-winning actor will also participate in a masterclass event at the festival on December 9.

Nicolas, 54 - who is one of the movie industry's best-known actors - previously claimed to be a ''student of film performance''.

The actor has appeared in a wide variety of roles during his career, and he explained that he's always been keen to challenge himself.

He shared: ''I see myself very much as a student of film performance and I'm always looking to learn something.

''That's why if you look at my filmography, it's so eclectic. I'm always trying to challenge myself and take those risks and go for the triple axel, even though I might fall on my face. It's still exciting to go for it and you still get points for trying.''

Nicolas explained that he particularly enjoys making thought-provoking movies.

He said: ''I don't like to make message movies per say, but I do like to reflect and hold a mirror up to current events and society so that people can make their own decisions about what they do and do not believe.''